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The caption, a short description of a video or image on social media, is often overlooked. If you can use it well, it has the ability to work wonders for the social content. It should [...]

This Covid-19 stopped the whole world but couldn’t stop seo services and digital marketing in Kolkata and they have reached the pinnacle making this situation in their favour. The beginning Before we proceed, we need [...]

It started with just a few pennies in the pocket and big dreams in the eyes…oops! Sorry to dishearten but it wasn’t like the cliché fairytale beginnings. Everything started as a pre-planned fool-proof business plan [...]

In short, you don’t need to be a class topper to be the best in your job. Our junior class reports and mark sheets barely matter – We are all aware of this by this [...]

Abra cadabra hokus pocus it’s time focus. I won’t behave like those irritating people who feel 2020 is a blessing; IT ISN’T. I’m waiting for the year to end as much as you do. But [...]

The jewelry industry continues to grow with each passing day. You need a unique website and a strong social media presence in order to reach your target audience. It is important to have a unique [...]

In today’s image crazy digital world there’s no denying that social media is a necessity for hair and beauty salon owners. It is a great way to engage your existing & potential customers by making [...]

October 14th, 2020|Categories: blog, Content Marketing, Digital marketing, Photo, Social Media|

Getting found in search engines is not just about getting a very good global ranking - local rankings and reviews matter too. In fact, it can make or break your business. Learn how Google My [...]

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