The word ‘Guerrilla’ might conjure images of a raging rebellion, ambush, and much more, but when juxtaposed with marketing, it might swarm your mind with wonder. What could the phrase mean: guerrilla marketing? Well, your trusty digital marketing agency is here to answer this big question. 

What is guerrilla marketing? 

Well, like other ways of marketing, the intention of guerrilla marketing too is to drive publicity. But, here, the methods are heterodox, unconventional, and quirky that take the audience by surprise. In the context of warfare, guerrilla tactics solely depend on the elements of surprise; i.e., the guerrilla ambush takes the enemy by surprise. 

Likewise, guerrilla marketing is also supposed to do the same. To surprise your target audience and deeply anchor into their mind, these are the two core tenets of this marketing. Hence, the real capital in guerrilla marketing is the creative, aka intellectual one. Its execution does not need to be expensive. 

Michael Brenner, an international keynote speaker, and content marketing influencer, explains content marketing as a way to repurpose your pre-existing content. You don’t need to come up with something new as much as you need to present your old materials in a new outfit that should be capable of shocking, amusing, and surprising your audience. 

Now let’s take a look at how guerrilla tactics can go hand-in-hand with digital marketing.

The digital guerrilla marketing

Now, there is social media and the ability to post and repost content; guerrilla marketing can work as a novel instrument to drive a brand image viral and gain widespread attention.

As a veteran digital marketing company in Kolkata, we can exemplify a few such instances where a brand image acquired immensely widespread popularity owing to the breakneck chariot of guerrilla marketing. 

As a promotional marketing tactic for the film ‘Deadpool,’ they opened up a Tinder profile featuring the notorious anti-hero from the Marvel Universe. The profile contained a witty copy and a flamboyant pic of the hero. If swiped right, it would lead you to a link to purchase tickets for the film. A screenshot of this widely appreciated gag quickly went viral, contributing lavishly to the film’s revenue. 

Another instance of guerrilla marketing that comes to mind is what the Fiji water company pulled off during the 2019 Golden Globes. A model, Kelleth Cuthbert by name, clad in blue (The brand color of Fiji) and holding a tray of Fiji water bottles, positioned herself in the background of high-profile celebrities taking photos. When the photos made their way to social media, people started taking notice of Cuthbert as the common subject in all these photos. She soon became viral as the #FijiGirl, drawing significant attention to Fiji Water’s brand. 

So, both these two instances of guerrilla marketing actually leverage different digital channels, including social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, to create ripples and leave long-lasting impressions in the mind of the audience. These attempts clearly demonstrate that guerrilla marketing can work hand-in-hand with digital marketing. 

Want to create some kind of buzz around your brand? Reach out to your trusty digital marketing agency, and let us put our guerrilla marketing knowledge to drive your brand viral.