Why Google reviews should not be neglected 

Google reviews offer an important yardstick to measure the authenticity, reliability, and quality of a business in contemporary times. It allows people to jot down their thoughts on a business and, likewise, give it a rating. So, in essence, Google reviews empower consumers and level the playing field. Here, as a top digital marketing company in Kolkata, we have divulged a few reasons that testify to the strength of Google reviews in today’s time. 

Four advantages of Google reviews in our digital time 

With Google reviews, the priority of businesses has taken a big paradigm shift. Campaigns and slick copies still matter in a way, but customers’ approval matters equally. It has not merely homogenized the playing field between businesses and customers, but it has also evened the odds between big corporations and small businesses. Irrespective of whether you are big or small if you make effective use of the Google reviews, you can rank higher in the local search engines. 

Let’s take a closer look at the four robust benefits of Google reviews that you should not fail to exploit for the enhancement of your business. 

Enhanced brand trust

Well, this is a cliché; every business knows by heart that Google reviews boost the reliability and trustworthiness of a brand. Collecting Google reviews and engaging with them prudently provide a clear competitive advantage to your business over the others in line. According to a bunch of surveys, a resounding 72% of customers claim Google reviews have been instrumental in precipitating their decisions. So they provide the customers with an easy vantage for comparison among different local businesses of the same kind. This latter fact is directly instrumental in elevating brand trust. 

It impacts your local SEO 

Google’s search engine algorithm is intricate, and in the complex mesh of search engine algorithms, there is a small component that is directly tied to the aspect of Google reviews. Moz conducted a review that shows roughly 9% of Google’s entire search engine algorithm is impacted by Google reviews. But there is more to it than that. The reviews function like a bunch of signals relayed to the algorithm. The algorithm performs a rather complex operation on these signals by resolving them into several parameters like quantity, velocity, and diversity. If your reviews juggle all three of these parameters, balancing perfectly on the tightrope, Google review signals for your business can launch it sky-high on the search engine.

There is yet another aspect of SEO in Google reviews that every SEO agency in Kolkata will point out to you. There is something called a ‘Map pack’ consisting of a group of businesses near the location of your search. Google reviews allow your business to take its seat among the ‘Map Pack’ and as well as surface easily on the local search. The more tactfully you manage your online reputation, the more chances you garner to rank higher in the map pack, all thanks to Google Reviews.

Feedback and customer intelligence

Google reviews also work as a fecund platform to collect feedback and customer intelligence. You can learn how your customers look up to your brand, what they think, and what they chatter about. Each review is educational, and they teach you a few things about your business. 

Firstly, whether your business operation lacks some savvy. 

Secondly, which of your services are working out and which ones aren’t? 

Thirdly, in which sectors does your business need an extra touch of improvisations and improvements? 

A digital marketing company can keep a watchful eye out on behalf of your business, ensuring no review slips through the cracks and jeopardizes your entire operation. Seasoned online reputation management engages with all the reviews, appreciates the positive ones, and apologizes for the negative ones if the latter contains a real ground for accusations. 

Google reviews skyrocket conversions

Yes, it is that simple. What is the point of investing in traditional channels, like blogs and SEO, if it does not garner leads and conversions? By using Google reviews, you can stand out in a different glamour. To this end, a quality digital marketing agency will always advise you to embed your reviews onto your website. A good website is all the better with Google reviews incorporated. So, advertise the ratings on your website, and your customers will be more tempted to take the next step toward conversion. 

Google reviews are also known to boost your click-through rates. Imagine all the laurels of positive reviews ornamenting your business name: Undoubtedly, your customers will be more disposed to click and peruse your website/business domain. Now that you have an idea of the staggering power of Google reviews, it’s time you hire a digital marketing agency in Kolkata and make the most out of Google reviews to enshrine your business on a strong pedestal of online success.