We are in the midst of a historic revolution in the sphere of marketing. Traditional ad-based marketing seems to wane before content marketing. Here, in this purview, the leading SEO agency in Kolkata will introduce what the novelty of content marketing consists of. 

What is content marketing?

Most of the big organizations nowadays are choosing to harness the novel power of content marketing over traditional sales pitches. Content marketing involves publishing useful, information-rich, and relevant content to indirectly yet subtly promote and showcase a brand. The content should convey a powerful and exciting message, should display its thought-provoking ability, and, moreover, should harness the power of expertise and knowledge of a certain niche. When executed in a balanced tenor, content marketing can sway the mind of the audience and tip the scale in favor of the brand.

Innovative brands are increasingly craving awards like Digiday, which are intended to enshrine your content marketing effort. 

Why the fad? 

As a leading SEO company in Kolkata, we have tried to explain the underlying reason behind the content marketing fad. Research conducted by the Content Marketing Institute demonstrates around 70% of people would rather learn about a brand or a company from a captivating and readerly article or an informative video. Brand endorsement through content marketing requires much lesser cost than traditional ads or sales pitching. Every brand and company has its own repository of proprietary knowledge that allows them to create authentic and authoritative content in their own corresponding niches. 

What are the big brands doing?

The big brands have already embraced the edge of content marketing with open arms. To this end, they have started producing their in-house journalism. Big companies are hiring luminary writers and journalists in droves to strategize and create their own in-house content. For instance, Tesla has hired veteran journalist Hamish McKenzie to write for the organization. Qualcomm Spark, a renowned IT company, has hired Michelle Kessler from USA Today in the role of editor-in-chief. So, if you study what the big brands are doing, you can easily discern that they are taking content marketing with dead seriousness. The editors, writers, and creative teams of the big corporations are trying to come up with unique ideas to captivate, entertain, and allure readers and, through this, establish themselves as thought-leaders in the niches. 

How content marketing can help your business

As the best SEO agency in Kolkata, let us share with you how content marketing can take your business sky-high.

Content marketing goes hand-in-hand with SEO 

The content marketing endeavor and your SEO attempts can go hand-in-hand. SEO executives can conduct thorough keyword research and craft stunning content by blending those keywords in them. This effort will ensure that your business website reaches the first page of search engine results and is demonstrated there in all its glory.

Content is the foundation of any digital marketing campaign

All kinds of ad campaigns, including PPC and social media ads, depend on keyword-optimized content. 

Good content leads to more conversion 

According to the latest broad core update of Google, the search engine algorithm will give clear precedence to authentic, user-friendly, and humane content. Hence, good content will always take the cake of conversion. 

Your content is the face of your brand

You can unlock the potential of content marketing to showcase your brand, business, and expertise across various channels like blogs, videos, podcasts, whitepapers, and e-books. Embracing diverse formats help you cater to different learning preferences, boosting brand recognition and establishing your leadership in the industry. In essence, your content is the foot-soldier of your brand. 

So are you looking for an SEO agency in Kolkata to harness the power of content marketing effectively? Let our content marketing knowledge be your brand chauffeur, and let us help your brand ornament Google’s first page with its presence.