Artificial intelligence is creating soar worldwide; everyone has high expectations about these natural language machines. But are they truly worth the hype? As a leading digital marketing company in Kolkata, here, we have attempted to put AI in a critical light, intending to unveil its limits and drawbacks. 

Why you should not trust AI blindly

A lot of businesses nowadays think that they don’t need to invest in digital marketing, or, for that matter, hire any digital marketing agency in Kolkata, because the natural language machines are completely free, and they can simply get all their digital marketing needs from AI.

However, this expectation is far from reality. Below, we have categorically pointed out through different sets of functions how AI fails to satisfy your marketing needs.

Blog content by AI

Yes, these natural language machines and AIs are certainly capable of generating blog content and even capable of optimizing them with keywords. However, relying solely on AI or copy-pasting AI-generated content can render extremely generic and depthless content. And numerous specialists have already pointed out that AI-generated SEO blogs are doing very poorly on Google’s search engine ranking. This implies you can’t get in favor of search engine algorithms by solely relying on AI-generated content. This fact is simply detrimental to your brand exposure. 

AI content for social media

AI can also breathe life into copies and captions for social media, which, on an apparent glance, might as well seem eloquent. 

But AI-generated social media content lacks the authentic human emotion and the camaraderie that are so important in building a social media community around your brand. A humane voice is necessary to bequeath an aura of genuineness, authenticity, and a community feeling necessary for your brand voice. 

AI for market research

A lot of businesses are simply sitting back, leaving everything about market research to AI. Little do they know, AI misses a lot of details that only become glaringly important under human scrutiny. The reason is plain to see: AI algorithm can only base their analysis on the set of data it has been trained on.

Hence, they might be blind to cultural and linguistic subtleties. Moreover, consumer behavior is not always entirely logical and requires human empathy to be fully unveiled. So, no amount of natural language programming can ever replace deep-diving research by a marketing specialist or, for that matter, a digital marketing agency in Kolkata

The question of data privacy

AI can certainly dig into volumes and volumes of data; however, it raises serious alarms like security issues. If you feed AI on sensitive customer data, you have to take extra precautions so that they don’t get leaked due to technical errors. Infringement in data privacy can significantly tarnish your brand reputation. 

In place of the final words, the fad for AI will certainly not wither away. However, marketers and digital marketing agencies alike need to invent newer ways to harness the power of AI that is effective, humane, and, moreover, secure.