Color plays an often unnoticed yet determining role in all things marketing. It plays a pivotal role in both analog and digital marketing alike. But more so in digital marketing, where the stake to attract attention is high, owing to the volatility of the space and audience. For instance, a website design and development company in Kolkata puts immense importance on the aspects of color since it is the visual that can make or break a website. 

However, when we say color psychology, we mean more. We mean how every color has its symbolic significance and how each color is capable of rousing distinct affect in our minds. Coca-Cola uses an alluring red to lure in customers; Whole Foods cleverly utilizes green in its marketing messages etc. the examples can go on and on. So, every color brings an unconscious association with it: a scientific fact you can leverage in your digital marketing endeavor. 

Hence, you can utilize suitable colors that match the mood of your social posts, website, or other digital marketing purposes. The right tone or temperature can make a long-lasting and deep unconscious impact in the mind of your audience. 

Unleashing color psychology for digital marketing

Studies demonstrate that our brain takes in images or visual mediums 60000 times faster than text; hence, you can unleash the power of visual mediums or websites to the fullest. This is where color psychology could be your ally. Color is a bulls-eye way to turn heads and make the scrollers stop. Despite having the best content or crisp copies, you will fail to make an impact if your audience does not experience an unconscious ripple browsing through your content. 

Your website is the first point of interaction with your customers. You should ensure that it is laden with all the right colors to make the best first impression. A website design and development company can blend in all the right colors to create the perfect temperament for your brand. However, every color has its own psychic significance. Let’s overview each of their function so that you have a better idea of how to use them.

Colors and their psychic significance

Let’s review the symbolic messages each color bears with it:


Red stands for authoritativeness. It is a classic example of assertive color. It is deployed to evoke strong emotions and is often strategically used to stop the scroller. It is a very suitable color to utilize in the call-to-action buttons. Netflix, the renowned streaming service, uses red as their characteristic brand color, as a powerful visual emotive. 


Blue calls forth feelings of trust, solidarity, and reliability. Different shades of blue could be used to evoke a whole spectrum of emotions. Since creating a sense of security is blue’s specialty, the color goes very well with healthcare and finance-related website.


This signature color is for rousing the feelings of nature, health, and serenity in your mind. Green also signifies freshness and growth. A solar energy business can infuse green in its website to evoke a sense of sustainable solutions. 


Considered a harbinger of happiness, positivity, and optimism, yellow is best suited for brands and businesses that want to create a positive feeling for their customers. Nikon, the camera brand, uses this color to convey how its products help customers capture moments of happiness. 


Do you have an avant-garde creative brand? Then, purple is your guardian angel. It usually denotes luxury, loyalty, along with a deep sense of sentimentality.


Black is universally associated with the symbol of sophistication, authority, and precision. And it is best suited to convey technicalities and finesse. Technical websites can benefit most from this color. For technology brands, black is the best color to infuse on the website. 


Website design companies often utilize white to connote purity, safety, and pristineness. It also stands for transparency. Brands like Intuit Turbo incorporate white to signify safety and charity. 

Therefore, a website design and development company in Kolkata can curate your business website by infusing color that can create profound impacts in the mind of the audience. Do you think we can help your business stand out with our connoisseurship in color psychology? Let’s talk!