YouTube is a daily companion for 122 million internet users who watch one billion hours of content on the site every day. These figures demonstrate the significance of YouTube as a marketing channel.

Such is its importance that the platform in 2021 generated Rs. 860 crores in ad revenue. The number is only set to grow bigger as marketers plan to increase their use of YouTube for video marketing.

With these stats in mind, Digital Googly, a YouTube marketing company in Kolkata, India, in this blog, highlights the latest YouTube marketing trends for 2022 to help you get going with your strategy.

Live Streaming

Live streaming has gradually supplanted TV broadcasts in recent years and is growing in popularity. Many creators are employing the live stream feature to broadcast their material. In fact, 60 of the 100 most popular YouTube live streams since the platform’s inception have occurred in the last two years.

This demonstrates how helpful live broadcasting can be for marketing your brand.

You can use live streaming to engage your audience and portray an authoritative presence by doing the following:

  • interviewing industry experts
  • arranging live shopping events and
  • conducting Q&A sessions

YouTube Shorts 

After TikTok’s growth in popularity among internet users, YouTube decided to get in on the game with their own offering. They wanted to provide the same experience as TikTok but for a larger community. Hence, YouTube Shorts was born.

According to Digital Googly, one of the top digital marketing companies in Kolkata, India, YouTube Shorts now receive 15 billion views daily. Therefore, the platform now has a significant following, essential for you to tap into.

You should consider YouTube shorts as a supplement to Snapchat and Instagram Reels when incorporating them into your content marketing strategy. You should upload whatever you do on these platforms to YouTube.

Better still, use YouTube’s music library and hashtags to convert your present and future videos to this new format.

Shorts can also be used to generate excitement before and after a video is released.

Community Engagement

Until recently, people on YouTube could only engage with other producers through comments and likes, and there was no other option. However, Youtube has recently introduced a platform called the “Community” tab, where producers with over 1,000 followers can connect with their audience through polls, texts, messages, videos, GIFs, and more.

Content providers can engage with the public about their latest videos, latest news, fascinating queries, and more in the community tab. It is essentially comparable to a Facebook page in that a creator can interact with their fans.

This YouTube addition appears to elevate the platform to the next level and make it worthy of the marketers’ use for their brands.

According to the YouTube marketing company in Kolkata, Indiayou can use the community tab to boost your engagement by –

  • Posting behind the scenes footage and updates
  • Responding to comments
  • Pinning a top comment
  • Promoting your upcoming video

Conducting a poll to find out what kind of content your audience would like to see