Companies frequently get caught up in highlighting their brand story as the website’s centrepiece. Though most clients come to your website for your goods, the intricacy of your site’s usability will determine whether or not they complete the transaction with you.

The web development industry is a fast-paced one, with new ideas and technology emerging all the time. Web development is one of the few fields that comes with a lot of technological advancements, says one of the expert developers of a web development company in Kolkata, India.

Only the most advanced and user-friendly systems manage to survive as IT technologies expand and improve. As a result, if you don’t stay up with the latest trends, your website’s performance may suffer. A poor user experience can cost you money by putting you behind the competition and reducing your traffic.

Top Web Development Trends of 2022

Chatbots with artificial intelligence for interaction

According to some website development company specialists, AI chatbots will be implemented into 70% of websites by early 2022. AI chatbots are expected to grow progressively more adept at responding to user behaviour as a result of a combination of machine learning, natural language processing, and information retrieval techniques. Another trend predicted for the coming year is a bot-based payment system.

Placing PWAs

A progressive web application (PWA) is a web application that runs in a mobile web browser or on a desktop computer without the need to download additional apps or programmes. It interacts with the customer as if it were a native app. PWAs allow users to view cached material in apps such as Google Maps when offline.

Using SPAs or one-pagers

When accessing the internet, having to look at a blank screen and wait for the page to fully download is quite inconvenient. Single-page apps (SPAs) are JavaScript-based web applications that load a single HTML page in a visitor’s browser and dynamically update content as needed without requiring the entire page to be refreshed. SPAs, according to reputed website development businesses, are not only cost-effective, but also simple to design and use less server space, resulting in responsive webpages, uninterrupted scrolling, offline caching, and faster load times.

Use of horizontal scrolling

The bulk of online pages organise their content vertically, but what about the X-axis equivalent, horizontal scrolling? The screen area of current widescreen monitors is best utilised with this style. Horizontal scrolling not only provides a unique user experience, but it also helps to demonstrate the best Kolkata-based website development company‘s technical expertise.

Using voice-activated control

Voice searches, which were first introduced by Google in 2011, are rapidly gaining popularity. By 2023, the number of digital voice assistants on the planet is predicted to reach 8 billion. Smart and IoT gadgets are intended to detect various people’s voices and provide each user with unique AI-based experiences. As a result, voice search results on the web directory are expected to outperform text search results since they provide comprehensive insights into customer behaviour analytics.


Staying up to date on these¬†trends is important to a website’s capability to constantly attract and engage its users. It’s essential to start applying these trends now, so you’ll be ready to take on 2022 head-on and ensure your site is on top of user experience and promotion. If you’re looking for a dependable website development service provider in Kolkata, India to help you take advantage of these trends, our website design and development team at Digital Googly will be more than happy to assist you in making your goals a reality and propelling your business to new heights.