A landing page is also called a “lead capture page” as it helps attract a new customer. It is a web page of your website where a visitor arrives after clicking on an SEO search result, a promotional e-mail or an online advertisement. A landing page’s main goal is to get more people to visit your website and increase sales or make them sign up a form or make them download a mobile app. We are providing a few tips from the best web design company in Kolkata to create an ideal landing page.

  • Keep it short

A landing page should only have important data that can benefit the viewer. Unnecessary and discomposed data on a landing page can lead the visitors to leave the page. Hence, your target should be to create a landing page with necessary and relevant data.

  • Don’t distract the viewers with hyperlinks

It is your responsibility to make your viewers stay when they arrive on a landing page. Too many links on a webpage distract and confuse your visitors and they might end up leaving your page. Hence, place the links so that the visitors don’t get distracted from the main content of the landing page.

  • Make catchy headlines

Catchy headlines always benefit the landing page as it gets the audience informed with the ongoing offers. Adding a sub-headline is crucial because it is an extension of the main headline and helps the viewers get every fact about the ongoing offers, says the best web design company in Kolkata.

  • Make the “Call To Action” match the headline

The main objective of an ideal landing page should be to make the visitors take a specific action. Therefore, “call to action” or CTA is crucial on a landing page. The main message should be consistent between the main headline and the CTA of a landing page. If the CTA is different from the main headline, then it creates confusion among the viewers. It can also make the visitors suspicious that the CTA can lead them to a wrong page. To avoid such situations, always make sure that the message on your headline matches with the CTA.

  • Make a short form

The viewers don’t want to spend a lot of time filling up a form. Viewers tend to back out from filling a long landing page form. Thus, make a short form for your viewers to fill. It is easy to go through. If you have to cover a lot of fields in your form, try to make it appear shorter by changing its styling.

With a well-structured landing page, business owners would be able to convert viewers into leads. Try the tips mentioned above given by the best web design company in Kolkata to make a winning landing page.