For the year 2021, the number of global mobile users is steady at 7.1 billion. It is predicted that by 2022, it would surpass the 7.26 billion mark. Remarkably, this figure corresponds to 91 percent of the world’s population. We may assume a simple truth based on these predictive statistics: mobile devices are rising in popularity, and the tendency will not abate in the future years. As a result, creating mobile-friendly websites is one of the topmost priorities of any website development company. The following are the Kolkata-based web design company‘s top seven suggestions for making one:

1. Aim for Responsiveness

Choosing a responsive framework is essential these days, and Bootstrap is a popular choice among web designers. A responsive design allows customers to have a similar experience regardless of how they access your website (through desktop, smartphone, or tablet). It provides SEO benefits, is simple to operate, and does not require a distinct mobile URL.

2. Keep the Design Simple

The notoriously short attention span of internet users is well-known, with an uninterrupted attention span of only 1.0 second. As a result, it is preferable to have a clean and basic design and site content that can convey the core information quickly.

3. Make it Easily Navigable

The index finger or thumb should be able to navigate the site thoroughly. Users should be able to navigate your site using only their ‘phone hand.’ Furthermore, the text size should be adjusted so that users do not have to pinch to zoom in.

4. Keep the Content Short and Engaging

The most important thing is to tell your tale in as few words as possible while keeping it intriguing. Only include the copies that are absolutely necessary to hold the users’ attention till the very last sentence, explains an experienced professional of a website designing company in Kolkata.

5. Boost the Speed of your Website with Optimised Images

Remove any hefty media files from your website. Replace large libraries like jQuery Mobile with isolated JavaScript codes. Replace the desktop version’s retina-ready pictures with the lower resolution version.

6. Concentrate on Icon Design

Keep your site simple and tidy, and instead of using words, use standard mobile icons to convey instructions such as ‘call’ or ‘connect socially.’

7. Add Videos Wisely

Adding videos to mobile websites is a wonderful idea. This is due to the fact that people who use mobile devices are three times more likely to watch video snippets in general. The video player must support HTML5 in order for the clips to work on the majority of devices.

Wrapping Up

You can create a fantastic mobile-friendly website by following the aforementioned seven tips. You may, however, enhance the user experience by adding extra features. To have a better grasp of how to develop mobile-friendly websites, contact Digital Googly, which is one of the best web development companies in Kolkata.