Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most efficient ways to establish your company’s online visibility. It allows your website to rank higher in search engine results, resulting in more leads and consumer traffic. Our new clients frequently express worries such as these.

“How much time do we have to work on SEO?”

“Is it possible to put an end to SEO?”

All of these questions will be thoroughly addressed in this blog. We’ll look at what happens when you stop doing SEO and whether you should stop using our SEO services in Kolkata altogether.

What Happens If You Don’t Do SEO?

If you don’t do SEO, you’ll get worse rankings in search results. This would result in fewer website visits and a reduced web presence. Your rankings will continue to decline until you apply SEO strategies to boost them.

That’s not to say the ranks would drop in the blink of an eye. For several weeks to months after you stop SEO, you’ll probably see no difference. The ranks, on the other hand, will worsen over time. As your search rankings drop, your organic traffic — the number of individuals who come to your site from organic listings on search engine results pages (SERPs) — will drop.

Organic traffic accounts for more than half of all internet traffic and can raise a company’s sales by 40%. Because around 75% of users stay on the first page of search results, even a modest reduction in ranks can have a significant impact.

Why Is It So Important To Keep SEO Going?

SEO isn’t something you do once and then forget about, say the executives of Digital Googly, a renowned SEO service provider in Kolkata. It’s a long-term strategy, and keeping good search ranks requires continual effort.

So, why is it so important to maintain SEO up and running? Here are a few of the more compelling reasons:

1. Search Engine Optimization Is A Never-Ending Battlefield

Do you intend to discontinue your search engine optimization (SEO) services? Keep in mind that your competitors will not. Your competitors will have an easy time if you don’t opt for our SEO services.

2. Google’s Ranking Criteria Could Change

The algorithm used by Google to rank search results is continually changing. You must revise your plan on a regular basis to stay up with these changes. Something that worked great last month may not be as effective this month. Regularly updating your website will also help you rank better. “Freshness” can be used as a ranking metric by Google’s algorithm. If you stop operating an SEO campaign and don’t update your site in a user-friendly manner on a regular basis, your rankings may suffer.

That is why hiring a professional SEO company in Kolkata that is up to date on these latest developments and can build your SEO strategy accordingly is always a good idea.

3. You’ll Miss the Chances

You’ll be missing out on a lot of opportunities to generate traffic and leads if you don’t conduct SEO.

These are some of the possibilities:

  • Additional ranking opportunities: Each new piece of content is a fresh chance to rank well in search engines. Fresh material can also help you rank for new keywords, thus increasing the amount of leads that visit your website.
  • Site improvements that are SEO-friendly: You’ll need to keep your site up to date and maintain it, such as making web design modifications or adding a new product page. These improvements have the potential to boost your search engine optimization.

4.The Risks Of Being Unnoticed

If you’ve ceased maintaining SEO services, you won’t be able to pay attention to risks or concerns.

Here are a few potential stumbling blocks:

  • Technical SEO concerns that go unnoticed: Things go wrong on a website from time to time. Certain technical SEO issues, such as a misconfigured txt file or broken links, may be overlooked if your SEO strategy is on hold.

Connections that are harmful: Keep an eye on your backlink profile to ensure you don’t have too many low-quality links heading to your site. According to the digital marketers of the best SEO company in Kolkata, if a large number of spam sites link to yours, Google will assume that yours is one of them as well.