While content might be the King, engagement reigns supreme in your digital marketing plan. That is why SEO service providers in Kolkata must continually improve their game and imbibe the best and latest in the market in order to break through the sea of possibilities and make Google’s top list! The second page of Google Search results is said to be the greatest site to bury a body, and with good cause. That is definitely not a location you want to find yourself in! So, what are our options? Build a strategy that can enhance traffic and conversion rates with these top-curated SEO recommendations for 2021.

1. Overhaul and rewrite high-ranking content

You can examine your high-ranking content and improve on it to increase traffic with the correct Google Analytics tools at your disposal. You might even use some of this content to create campaigns that will better engage your target audience than ever before. Use Search Console to find the most popular queries and improve your content based on them, says the digital marketers of a leading SEO firm in Kolkata.

2. Improve Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

There is some backend technical SEO to take care of before we move on to keyword phrases and content needs for your site. Ignoring technical SEO can lead to a major gap in your SEO approach. To appear at the top of Google’s lists, backend architecture such as site coding are equally as crucial as on-page SEO methods.

3. A Consistent Blogging Schedule

Regular blogging is important for enhancing your site’s “SEOability,” as we call it, and SEO service providers in India should be aware of this. According to an SEO professional of Digital Googly, creating a consistent content strategy will help guarantee you’re taking use of all of your blogging options.

4. Using Long-Tail Keywords Wisely

Long-tail keywords are best used when creating specific pages for the themes you wish to drive visitors to. You can ensure that you attract and engage the proper traffic by sprinkling these keywords throughout specified pages and using the appropriate location tags. By offering thorough particular information, you can ensure that your consumers are not dissatisfied and that they get exactly what they came to your site for. As per the digital marketing strategists of a leading SEO company in Kolkata, the goal is to attract more customers and provide greater value than ever before.

5. Before Uploading Compress the Media Files

Media files add a splash of colour to your page. But are you aware of the impact uncompressed media files might have on the speed of your website? It’s a good idea to optimise each media file before uploading it to your website so that the overall loading speed isn’t too slow, lowering the page’s performance and ranking. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to make it easy for browsers to render your website.

6. Titles with Meta Descriptions and Numbers

Any SEO service provider worth their salt understands the importance of meta descriptions in improving the performance of your website. Did you consider, though, that you might be able to benefit from the titles as well? According to studies, adding dates and numbers to titles enhanced a brand’s ranking by scores. As a result, effectively incorporating statistics into your material will always yield consistent results! Provide value to your viewers, don’t mislead them, and see how the figures affect your click-through rates, say the professionals of the best SEO company in Kolkata.