Have you searched something on Google today? Perhaps you have googled some online product and ordered it. Or maybe you have found the best café in town with the help of search engine marketing.  Simply put, Google processes over 4.5 billion searches on a daily basis and approximately 40,000 searches are made per second. The key to success is grabbing the eyes of Google that your business exists. Next, you aim for Google to rank your page above your competitors.

Given the present scenario of the market, can you imagine running a business without having a website? When it’s about boosting traffic to your business website, you can’t go without SEO and PPC.

However, it has been said previously that traffic is the lifeline of any online undertaking. That being the case, the success of an online business solely depends on the traffic amount.

 What Are Most Effective Ways To Make It Happen?

It seems there are two ways to market your services or products through search engines like Google.  They are Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In addition, you can also use the power of social media marketing like facebook marketing, LinkedIn marketing and so on.

However, what are the important factors of determining the usefulness of SEO and PPC? How can you utilize both the tools to increase your business growth and beat your competitors? Read on to know more!

Seo And Ppc- The In’s And Out’s

Certainly, you have heard the terms Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization but you might not be totally familiar with how each of these tactics work.

Basically, there are two main differences between PPC and SEO. The first one talks about where listings appear on the search results pages and the second one revolves around how traffic is obtained.

 Let’s Talk About Organic Traffic:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the organic way to rank in the search engines.  Gaining organic traffic doesn’t require money- it’s free! Well, kind of.  However, it does take lots of patience and time. Make sure you hire the best digital marketing company in Kolkata who knows the real tricks of SEO. On your part, you have to be patient because SEO takes some time to show results. Leave the burdens on the shoulders of the best SEO company in Kolkata.

 And Then Comes The Paid Traffic:

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. When you start running your advertisements on Google, you can see your website at the top of Goggle’s search results. But the real catch is that you have to pay for it. Ad campaigns give you instant results. However, the span of your campaign is always limited.

 Seo And Ppc: Making Your Presence Visible Locally

Are you a small business owner? You must be targeting all the consumers near you. Another difference in PPC and SEO lies in the way you optimize for local search. For example, when you are running an ad campaign, your digital marketing agency is most likely to use location-based keywords to target a specific geographic location.

SEO is a bit more difficult. In order to rank locally, you have to seek the help of an expert who knows the real game.  Keep in mind, that consistency is the key to win the game and that is why your business name, phone number and business name must be the same across all the online platforms.

To conclude, SEO and PPC might be separate marketing channels with different roles and purposes but both of them play for the team.  Ultimately, both SEO and PPC attract traffic to your website.  You don’t really have to choose between PPC and SEO. Every industry like medical, education, clothing and parlour gain benefits from both. To get more information about SEO and PPC services call us at 8336920676.