Facebook isn’t new but let us guess many of you are still sitting on the fence when it is about putting your business on Facebook. However, a lot has changed since this social marketing site first entered the marketing sector.  Today, Facebook has become one of the world’s biggest social networking the site which can do things people never have dreamed ten years ago. For instance, there are wonders like 360-degree videos, selling products via a chatbot, live updates about the brands and much more.

  • Why Should Your Business Invest In Facebook Marketing?

Have you ever considered the number of active Facebook users? It has around 1.62 billion daily active users. That’s nearly 5X the population of the US and 20% of the world’s population. And guess what?  However, the number is still climbing as a quarter of a million users are registering every day.

Wondering what more is there?  About 4.5 million people become a fan of a Facebook page every day.  Yeah, A fan of a page. You read that right. Not only can the celebrities, even business pages have fans.

These days, industries like medical, education, gym, boutique, parlor, jewelry, restaurant, home paints, and parlor are using facebook as a part of their social media marketing. Simply put, Facebook has become a central part of most brands’ marketing strategies.

  • How B2B Or B2C Industry Works?

Whether you are dealing with a B2B or B2C industry, no matter what is the size of your business, you need the help of a digital marketing company.

Are you thinking of making a digital presence? Do you aim to reach out to a wider audience? If so, Facebook marketing is the primary thing to start with.  Let’s dig deeper:

  • What Is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook is a social media channel that allows business entities to market their services and products to the available users. Facebook marketing can be easily achieved with the help of targeted and organic strategies.

First of all, a business starts with organic marketing that helps them develop a brand value and user base without any major investment.

  • How To Use Facebook Pages?

Undoubtedly, Facebook marketing is never complete without the facebook pages.  It is quite similar to a personal Facebook profile but you should use it as a business page.

Often times, the hardest part is simply getting started.  We get it. First of all, you need to set goals for Facebook.  Facebook has taken quite a fast pace from the days of the beginning. Initially, Facebook was trying to get millions of likes so that you can broadcast your content out to your audience. Previously, there was no such thing as a complex algorithm, now the focus is on building a relationship with the audience for the long run.

  • Marketing Trend #1 Personalization:

Trust the experts of Social marketing company in Kolkata as they know how to put more personalize content on facebook.  Instead of posting a never-ending stream of promotions of your services or products, they focus on different kinds of contents your specific audience responds to, and generate a mix of that.

  • Marketing Trend #2 Communication:

Some users are relying on Facebook‘s messenger as a primary mode of communication. Brands can use this to their advantage of tackling incoming messages as quickly as possible.

  • Marketing Trend #3: Community Building:

The goal is to establish a community that is designed to strengthen up your client base. Such communities become a resource that gives the users person-to-person experience. It helps to retain the customers loyal to the brand.

To conclude, do you want to learn more about how to build up a thriving and strong community through the help of Facebook marketing, SEO and PPC? Contact the provider of digital marketing service in Kolkata.