An average person spends about 53 minutes every day on Instagram. By saying that, you might understand that Instagram marketing’s reach is huge. Instagram has the highest engagement rate in the industry, which is why businesses worldwide use it to increase their popularity and sales. We, at Digital Googly (which is regarded the best social media marketing company in Kolkata), are providing you reasons why you should invest your money and effort into Instagram marketing to boost your business effectively.

Why should you invest in Instagram marketing?

  • The reach of Instagram is huge

Introduced in 2010, Instagram has grown to be the third most popular app in the world. It has above 1 billion monthly users, of which 63% log in every day. There are more than 500,000 influencers in this app to who you can turn to influence people favourably toward your business. You can have an elevated engagement rate by using the small influencers rather than the big ones because small influencers have a stronger bond of trust with their audiences.

  • Instagram is an effective alternative sales funnel

There are thousands of businesses that sell their products and services through Instagram. Some of them make Instagram marketing campaigns part of their customer care, which helps to increase customer engagement. It creates a bond of trust, which results in a sale. Even if you are not aiming for sales, you can use this app to maintain relevance in this increasingly competitive world. You can draw buyers and showcase your brand on it as well.

  • It helps you stay responsive to your customers and competition

There is no better platform to keep an eye on your customers and rivals than on Instagram. It is necessary to keep track of your customer’s expectations as they can change at any moment. You can even see the online movements of your rivals. You can see how successful they are and analyse their online marketing strategy and use it for your benefit.

  • It helps you cultivate loyalty

The only path to grow your business is to have customers coming back again and again. For this, interaction with them personally and making them feel that your brand cares for them is necessary. If you want to do that effectively and cheaply, then Instagram is a good option. By listening to their criticism, reacting to their feedback and posts, and posting original content, you can take care of customers’ satisfaction.

  • Instagram drives more traffic towards your website

Instagram’s engagement rate is 10 times higher than Facebook, which promises valuable website traffic. When customers come across a brand, they want to know more about it. It provides you with the chance to impress them, showcase your brand and increase conversations.

The above reasons given by the best social media marketing company, Digital Googly, prove that investing in Instagram marketing is beneficial for businesses and worth it.