How did the Pandemic Affect Businesses

2020 was an almost-apocalyptic year, to say the least, with Covid-19 onslaughts increasing in quantity. 2021 clearly bears the hallmarks of a post-apocalyptic year, with a focus on renewal and upping our game. Reimagine and rebuild. These are today’s catchphrases!

But what does this mean for your company?

As professionals in developing digital marketing strategies in Kolkata for a variety of organisations, we at Digital Googly were astounded to learn that over 59 percent of small businesses are likely to scale back and close their doors as new waves of the epidemic continue to pound us!

What Should the Businesses do

So, how did we go about it? Of course, we devised a perfect strategy-lifeboat to assist you in navigating these treacherous waters. We are becoming more digitally agile as the pandemic drives us to restrict our mobility. Is this good news for your local shop down the lane, which has always had a constant stream of customers? It could be, but only if you could adjust to the changing circumstances and hand over control to eCommerce marketing.

Turn your store visitors into website traffic, your storefront display into a fantastic digital catalogue, and add some quick delivery choices to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a certain way to shake your company out of its slumber!

To keep and develop your customer base, you must, without a doubt, take your business online. But the story doesn’t end there. You’ll need digital marketing services in Kolkata that are custom-tailored particularly for you if you want to be sure you’re conducting eCommerce marketing correctly.

But first, let’s have a look at the four Digital Upgrades you should undertake right now to rescue your business and help it thrive even better than before:

1.      Place Yourself at the Top of the ‘Near Me’ Search Results

While more and more of your consumers are shopping online, finding their favourite store at the top of the ‘near me’ search results would certainly excite them. Why do we put so much emphasis on it? Because searches for “near me” have increased by 200 percent in only the previous two years.

According to the marketers of the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata, integrate the ‘Near Me’ search option into your app (well-developed, modern apps are the key for businesses to remain reliable and agile during the pandemic), sign up for Google My Business to improve your visibility, use nearby geographical landmarks in your content, and make sure your consumers can find you!

2.      Optimisation of the Delivery Cycle

These days, promptness is the watchword in the business world! In a market where quick gratification is the norm, you can’t expect your consumer to wait hours for a product from a nearby retailer.

To keep your consumers informed at all times, we recommend in-app location integration and ETA estimation. So, in addition to sprucing up your SEO checklist to ensure that you rank at the top of the search results, you must also optimise your delivery cycle alternatives!

Make your customers’ wait more enjoyable with exciting in-app delivery tracking tools!

3.      Loyalty Schemes and Programs

One of the major concerns that businesses have when transitioning from a brick-and-mortar format to an online shop arrangement is customer retention! However, we believe that you now have more digital options than ever before for retaining and expanding your consumer base.

You can give your customers reasons to return to your store by implementing smart eCommerce marketing strategies. Loyalty points, customer incentives, and purchase rewards all help to improve the shopping experience.

4.      Payment Alternatives that are Simple and Convenient, and Full of Surprises

To excel at anything, you must walk a delicate line between a work well done and a job well done. That’s where we could come in handy.

Switching to a digital model is unfamiliar territory not only for you, but also for your consumers. Because of the COVID problem, they are embracing the ecommerce trend more than ever before, you must make the experience easy and joyful for them as well.

We recommend a well-crafted buyer journey that includes numerous payment methods so that it becomes a smooth process, which leads to the point of purchase. While they’re paying, surprise them with benefits.


There is opportunity in chaos. And that is the operating principle you must employ in order to make your business a huge success in these trying times, says a senior executive of the Kolkata-based digital marketing company.