Fashion is all about appearance, extravagance, and the ability to stand out from the crowd.

The fashion industry is highly visual. Before making a purchase decision, customers are initially interested in the appearance of your product.

And, good looks catch eyes.

On the other hand, a sloppy appearance can kill your fashion brand before it even gets started.

Therefore, if you want your eCommerce fashion website to be able to compete with the billion-dollar giants, you should put on your hat, drape your scarf around your neck, and get to work.

Here are five simple tips from Digital Googly, a web design, and development company in Kolkata, to make your fashion e-commerce website the new belle in town.


Use High-Quality Photography

The saying, what you see is what you get, rings true in the fashion industry. Therefore, high-quality photography is an essential part of fashion website design.

It gives your products a professional look, making your website stand out from the competition.

The best fashion web design and development companies in Kolkata display wonderful product photos and use them to shape and focus visitors’ visual navigation.


Put Lead Generation First

Most of your website visitors do not purchase your products on their first visit.

They take a look around, then leave and return. However, only if they remember your website and want to buy something. This is where lead generation comes in.

Try to get their email addresses as soon as they arrive on your page. It will allow you to target them using email marketing and remind them of your new offers and products.

According to our digital marketers here at Digital Googly, a digital marketing agency in Kolkata, periodically reminding your visitors of your existence will increase your chances of converting them into buyers.


 Make a Simple Layout

The websites of well-known fashion brands all have clean and simple designs.

A simple design emphasizes the product and styling, whereas a cluttered design can confuse visitors and increase bounce rates.

Many well-known brands feature only one product photo above the fold, so shuffle through your snaps and get your best product photograph on the top.


Promote Your Business

These days there is no such thing as unbranded fashion, so developing a strong and well-known brand is essential.

Having a well-known brand will help you build trust in your product, build loyalty in customers, and help customers remember you longer.

Your website is the best place to start building your fashion brand.

Therefore, here at Digital Googly, a web development company in Kolkata, we make sure our clients’ brand gets prominently and creatively displayed on their website.


Geographically Specific Content

If you’re a national or global fashion brand (or want to be), you should tailor your products and content to different audiences in different geographic areas.

Curating your content according to specific locations will give you a local appeal and make you more relatable. Localization is required because purchasing occasions and fashion trends differ by location.