Google is now a household verb. What do you do when you face an issue in your everyday life? You pick your phone up and type in “how do I do….?” or “what is…,” or “where can I…?”

When Google is such an integral part of our lives, it is only natural to leverage the world’s biggest search engine to boost your business – especially if you own a local restaurant.

But what if you don’t want to dive headfirst into digital marketing? Can you leverage the power of Google? According to Digital Googly, a digital marketing agency in KolkataIndia, of course, you can.

The answer is – Google My Business!

The reason is – over 1,900 people search for “good restaurants near me” in Kolkata, and if you have a GMB page, think about the visibility your restaurants will receive.

Need some more reasons to get hyped?

Here are five.



GMB profile is a free alternative to get your restaurant in front of many potential customers.

With the GMB profile, you’ll be able to provide your customers with information such as your phone number, business hours, address, review ratings, and more. Customers can also access your operating hours, website, and directions with a single click.

However, if you want to get the most out of your Google presence, the best bet would be to invest in SEO service in Kolkata, India. It will help optimise your account to attract qualified leads and build your credibility among your customers.

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Show Yourself on Google Maps

Did you know that majority of your potential customers use Google Maps to find restaurants in their area? Yes, they look at online reviews, but they also consider location.

Hence, setting up a GMB account is paramount as it will help you appear in local searches after creating and listing your business. Customers will be able to see how close you are and whether or not they can visit you.


Chat with customers

GMB allow you to chat directly with customers who find your business, making it easier to interact with customers and assist them throughout their buying journey.

To connect and receive messages, all you have to do is turn on this feature.

Don’t be concerned! Your phone number will not be shared with other Google users.

Ensure that you proactively monitor messages from customers and respond to them timely and accordingly, says Digital Googly, a digital marketing company in Kolkata, India.

Active engagement will help you establish your restaurant as an active brand that listens to its customers, thus boosting your online reputation.


Manage Menus

The GMB menu editor feature allows users to create and edit menus displayed on mobile devices. This new editor allows you to add, edit, and break menus into various categories, such as desserts, beverages, and appetisers.


Highlight Menu Items

You can highlight your most popular dishes by uploading a photo or video of it and their prices. You can also include a 100-300 words description and a call to action button to welcome customers to try it out.

So, ready to get your restaurant online? Hop on Google and get started.

However, GMB is not the end of it all. It’s just a start.

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