Gone are the days of clunky eCommerce marketing strategy and getting by. 


With the recent growth of online shoppers and eCommerce companies, if you’re not on your A-game providing the best user experience, you’re out!


So, what can you do to delight your shoppers?


At Digital Googly, a digital marketing company in KolkataIndia, we gained valuable experience and insights from years of assisting eCommerce clients in increasing conversion and sales revenue.


So, leveraging our eCommerce marketing experience, we present five tips to delight your online shoppers.


But, before getting into the tips, it is essential to understand what today’s online shoppers expect from eCommerce companies. So, here it goes.


What do customers expect from an online shopping experience?


As a result of the pandemic, more people are turning to online shopping for their needs, and they expect a more personalized online buying experience. 


In fact, as per a study conducted by a digital marketing agency in Kolkata, India70% of customers want brands to provide personalized experiences.


Therefore, if you want to get ahead of the curve, you need to invest your time and money providing what your customers want. 


So, how do you go about accomplishing this?

Tips to Delight Shoppers



1. Real-time Data

The foundation of any good eCommerce experience strategy is the use of accurate, real-time transactional and behavioral data.


Without reliable and timely insights, you can’t know your customers or what they want—let alone show them the products they’ll most likely buy!


Allowing your campaigns to respond to shopper behavior as they browse is a great way to strike while the iron is hot. 


For instance, change your product recommendations to include items similar to those the customer viewed earlier in the session.


This will enable you to target your content more precisely and convert potential bounces into clicks and conversions.


2. User Segmentation

You should always begin your eCommerce experience planning by identifying key user groups. 


At Digital Googly, a digital marketing company in Kolkata, India, we segment customers in various ways, including traffic source, geolocation, discount affinity, category affinity, behaviors, and so on.


Segmentation will help you encourage conversion by allowing you to deliver relevant and targeted content.


3. Utilize Omnichannel Delivery

What a customer sees on your eCommerce site should be consistent across all your other brand channels (social, email, app, etc.)


When creating campaigns, consider every possible touchpoint where your brand could be encountered. 


Then, on each channel where they interact with you, deliver similar personalized experiences to that person.


4. Use Authentic Visual Content

Consumers today are adept at spotting generic advertising, particularly when it comes to visuals. User-generated content (UGC) is your brand’s new best friend for this reason.


Including genuine visual content from real customers on a product page, for example, can have a big impact on purchase decisions.


It gives customers a more realistic view of what a product looks like on someone just like them, incentivizing them to buy.


5. Test, Tweak, Repeat!

It should not be left to chance which design, text, imagery, or promotional offer, will work.


It’s critical to test the performance of various variables after your personalized campaigns go live. Then, based on what’s working, optimize them.


According to a digital marketing executive of our digital marketing company in KolkataIndia, testing will allow you to better understand your customers’ motivations and evaluate how to serve them better based on those insights.


And that’s the last one. Well, is this it?


You might be wondering, are these five steps all you need to give your customers the best online buying experience.


Of course not. These steps are only the building blocks.


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