Abra cadabra hokus pocus it’s time focus. I won’t behave like those irritating people who feel 2020 is a blessing; IT ISN’T. I’m waiting for the year to end as much as you do. But this won’t stop us from trying, rather giving some more spices and some extra sweetener to our word porn.

Authentic content and right information are not enough – this is what a thought leader in the best social media marketing company in Kolkata has to claim. It’s beyond informative marketing and above just promotion. So, if you ask me what’s the lane that can take you Beyond Promotion?
I would say IT’S EMOTION.

What’s in trend

A few themes that have emerged in the digital marketing industry are human-centric. Such as, empathy, connection, inclusiveness, and transparency have been the dominating traits of a successful content generated by the best digital marketing company in Kolkata.  Raising the emotions of the audience is what we call a bull’s eye marketing technique when it comes to digital marketing in Kolkata and beyond. Your content must make the audience’s state of mind change or throw an impact that’s compact. Be it rolling in laughter or raising the anger level or ‘pass on the tissues please’ experience, the content has to tell a story and only then it can sell a story.

“Hey! I have an amazing story to tell but don’t know whom to mail or whether to post on a social media platform or just write a blog” – The forever content creator struggle. We all face this, don’t we?  Just the way I chose a blog to interact, the content manager offering social media marketing services in Kolkata must be sure which platform the content must go; the communication, tonality, and approach all will depend on the platform the marketer chooses.


Yes, content like this used to attract at one of time but now things have changed. Only creating an attraction isn’t enough, holding it for a time span is the main aim of the best marketers, providing social media marketing services in Kolkata.


Now, this is what we call an impactful way to make your audience scroll to your page and spend time there. How weird it might sound but we must sell emotions, with emotions.

Now, let us check what the experts have to say when post-pandemic takes a turn with how audience thinks, feels, and reacts.

Nothing is normal anymore:

Everything has changed – not just your ex is the only changing thing in the world, the audience behaviours have also changed drastically in the post-pandemic marketing era. As suggested by one of the top most experts in social media marketing services in Kolkata. Take the old models, best practices till date, and normal strategies all together and put in the mixer – switch on! Done? Take out the mixture & you are ready TO THROW IT OFF. Yippee! You are free now to think differently. Start triggering your grey cells afresh – content needs a new way of thinking and that must stand out – the zamana of fitting in is gone. Dare to different or be ready to be dead soon.

“MVP – aa gale lag jaa!:

Frogs? Snakes? Dragons? Oh my god GOT returns – Humans might rise from death, we cannot predict anything right now – This is what the marketing head in one of the best digital marketing companies in Kolkata predicts for 2021. Now, the question is, are you prepared? Buckle up for more iterative content experiments in 2021. Big plans, long term goals have been shattered this year. Taking a lesson from the same, it is best to create minimum viable content. Be flexible to changes and stay ever ready to learn.

Content is no more the king, it’s the kingdom:

Are you still neglecting content as you do for your regular hair care routine? Then you are soon to get bald. Time has gone when content was a part of the digital marketing strategy; it is now the entire strategy in itself. As explained by one of the digital marketing experts in the best digital marketing company in Kolkata, content is not the king who rules but it is a complete kingdom that builds the digital marketing empire.

Vouch on real-time connections:

There’s not everything bad about 2020, some things are good too. Pandemic and lockdown have made humans create virtual communities more than ever. Interaction over those platforms and sharing similar mindsets are the in-thing now. Influencers have been budding more than one could predict. Though virtual, humans are making human connections in the 21st century – Wow what a surprise! #sarcasmalert

Therefore, the best social media marketing companies in Kolkata are trying to leverage these connections. Reach to these forums like Whatsapp, Facebook groups, Slack, and Discord. Connect and build relationships with the influencers – make word of mouth come on digital with the advent of vigorous virtual validations.

Think content, think ROI:

Kyun paisa paisa karti hain…” No wonder, everyone is looking for ROI when there’s a financial crunch, loss gaps to fill in and profit seems a joke. The experts coming up with the best social media marketing services in Kolkata have been quite sure that client seeks ROI and that can be pulled by the right content. Content marketing can create value, generate quality leads, and boost sales for the businesses. Speak the language that a CFO understands or the tonality that the audience can be banked upon. Be simple and straight forward with your approach, unless your target audience is Mr. Shashi Tharoor, of course!

Plan for remote while you promote:

It’s as rhythmic as it sounds. Every content marketer, doing active digital marketing in Kolkata, must keep this noted that 2021 is going to be a remote-first year. Devices, editorials, and formats must be on par with the trend. As I said in the earlier part of the blog – always know your audience first, build the story then, and finally get into the platform selection. Post-pandemic thingies are going to change you, your audience, and your marketing strategy. How you can embrace this change is what we call a bang on marketing strategy. Everything coming on to online marketing is making content become the flag bearer of a smart digital campaign.

So, are you ready for a long-distance relationship with your audience? Before the countdown for the New Year begins, we must start our market research and audience study. When the ball of fate shines, be sure that you are well suited, dressed up, and ready for the march and begin with singing to your customers – “hello, is it me you looking for?”