How many times have you heard that SEO and link building have become obsolete? Ever since the Google Penguin updates were out a few years ago, people have been claiming that SEO is dead. Well, the provider of the best SEO services in Kolkata believes in something else.

Is it true that SEO is no more?

Not at all. SEO has become stronger than ever (for those who follow white hat SEO tricks) and link building has been and always will be a priority. Basically, SEO is immortal.

What’s The Take Of The Agency Providing Best SEO Services In Kolkata?

You’ve heard many times before that getting a backlink is an important way to update your site. Many successful SEO experts have officially announced that white hat Links have a direct impact on website search engine upgrades.

Hence, it is important to have a grasp on the white hat SEO tricks. Want to learn some great ways to build a powerful white hat strategy that can keep your website organized? Join hands with the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata.  

The Provider Of The Best SEO Services In Kolkata Works On:


Yes, you read it correctly. Infographics are one of the most important trends of the day. While following a real white hat backlinking strategy, you need to create and publish a compelling infographic to drive more traffic to your site. According to a survey of some well-known digital marketing experts, content with infographics tends to receive the most traffic compared to content without infographics on any website.

Right Approach Of Writing The Content

We often repeat the same text while writing on a specific topic. For example, we have seen this line “content is the king in digital marketing.” When you are publishing different blogs for your promotion, you need to make sure that your website content is always fresh and has a unique take on the same topic that might have been discussed over for years.

Quoting real-life events in your contents

Relevancy is the king when it comes to making your readers relate to your blogs. Many successful writers have been following the simplest idea of writing in a realistic way. You have to do something simple. Describe some of the events that have happened in your life so far so that your readers can feel connected with you. If you are seeking help from the provider of the best digital marketing services in Kolkata there will be a team of dedicated writers working on your brands.

 Wrapping It Up:

Follow these powerful ways to use whitehat backlinks which can rank your website among the competitors. Hopefully, you will find this information useful.