All the techies out there,

Start your new day with a new hack.

Checking WhatsApp after every 5 minutes is your thing. We get it! But are you making the most of its full potential?  WhatsApp is now providing benefits you wanted to have for a long time. Don’t want others to listen to your voice message while you are listening to it (without headphones we mean)?  Trying to find out who you interacted the most lately? Trying to hide your phone number on WhatsApp? Read on this blog to know all the interesting hacks to use WhatsApp. Use these hacks and make your life a bit easier.

Perhaps you are using this app for years now. We bet you don’t know half of the tricks which are mentioned below.

  • Figure Out Who You Interact With The Most:

Finding out the most interacted contact on WhatsApp has never been so easy before.   The top Digital marketing company has found out that the ‘settings’ tab has so many wonders hidden.  Go to the tab and click on ‘data and storage usage’ and then select ‘storage usage’.

A pop-up will appear on your screen ranking all your chats based on the time you spent chatting. As a bonus, you can also see the number of messages you have exchanged with every contact.

  • Hide Your Phone Number On Whatsapp:

Do you want to hide your phone number on WhatsApp? You need two SIM cards for doing this. Once you have installed both, activate your WhatsApp using the old one. Now interchange the slots of both the SIMs. A pop-up window will open on the screen where you have to select the old number’s option to use WhatsApp. That is how; you will be able to hide your current number from your WhatsApp contacts.

  • Muting Your Voice Message:

Do you need to listen to a voice message but you forgot your headphones at home? Maintaining privacy is quite simple. WhatsApp changes the loudspeaker mode to inner speakers the moment you hold your phone to ear.

  • Bubble Messaging:

Doesn’t it feel nice to have small bubbles in your screen’s corner? It helps you to show that you have a new WhatsApp and the sender’s name.  As suggested by the social media marketing company, all you need to do is install the ‘WhatsBubbles’ app, sync it with your WhatsApp and turn on the bubble notification mode. You are all set to catch the nice bubble messages on your screen.

Simply put, WhatsApp has way more to offer than you thought. Right?