2019 introduced lots of new tools to further optimize the SEO strategies and deliver better performance. The upcoming year is all packed up with new things and updates which are going to add up a lot to the advancements of digital marketing.

Increased use of smartphones is making more rooms for search commands like ‘Alexa’, ‘Hello Google’, and ‘Hey Siri’. Read on this blog to know more about 2020’s new trends like video, voice and vernacular and how they will impact the growth of a digital marketing agency. In today’s world, almost everyone is obsessed with Smartphone and search commands have become a bit popular.  Let’s talk about the future of it.

Introducing Voice Search SEO In 2019:

With the increased use of smart phones search commands are also evolving with the passing course of time. Performing certain actions like browsing the internet, launching apps, and using the search engines are quite common.  Google and other search giants are putting multiple efforts to optimize the voice search results.

Be Prepared For Video SEO:

Video SEO strategies differ a lot from regular SEO as there is no website.  Are you creating great videos? Do you want to achieve great rankings to make it more visible? All you need to do is optimizing your videos to improve the ranking in video searches.

Keyword Research:

Apart from the regular SEO, keyword research is equally important in video SEO as well. Most views on the videos come through video suggestions to users. That is why, you must try to find and use the most popular keywords. Your videos should be useful and great.

Attractive And Relevant Thumbnails:

Relevant and attractive thumbnails play a great role in grabbing the viewers’ attention.  Currently, more than 56 countries are making the most of YouTube as it distributes contents in more than 60 languages and with passing day it has grown a lot.

Video Transcript

It is another great thing which helps you to get more views and boost up your rankings in both Google voice searches and YouTube video searches. By adding video transcripts, you are making it easier for your videos to crawl easily into the search bots to improve your rankings.


Any digital marketing company will agree that Chatbots is making records as game changer since the beginning of 2019. Currently, many users are interacting with chatbots.  This artificial intelligence based technology makes use of instant messaging to chat with customers, site visitors or users.

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