In this ever changing world of technology, everyone is taking their chance into web development. But how do you make sure that you stay unique and hit the consumer eye? The answer to this frustrating question is nothing but “quality”. It doesn’t matter how sophisticated your website development is, quality is the only factor that will drive your business, towards its primary goal of customer acquisition.

It is your website that is your business’s online portal to the real world. Each and every detail on your website including site’s color, design, functionality that includes ease of navigation and event the content to the loading time, actually matters.

You have to make sure that these components have been organized accurately and with utmost precision. A proper analysis and testing must be done during the website development cycle. Coordinating with quality assurance team will ensure that your website is bug free and together.

Quality assurance checklist for web developers:

  1. Open and ready to approach attitude

When working as a team, the most important area which needs to be crystal clear is communication. It must be made sure that there is no space for doubts in the minds of individual team members by explaining each and every module to them. It must be kept in mind that each of their individual efforts will contribute to the desired final output.

You should communicate with them about your plans and ask for their valuable suggestions and opinions which will help you in maintaining innovation and uniqueness throughout. Contemplation and brainstorming brings better results when it comes to teamwork.

  1. Perfection in Design

This requires viewing things from your client’s perspective about how they want their business to appear before their potential customers. Website is the platform which introduces their product to target audience out there.

You must maintain the perfect balance between the uniqueness of your design and client’s design concepts and specifications to yield the expected results.

  1. High standards in Content Management

The good old saying that “Content is King” stands till today and will always continue to rule the world of online marketing. Developing a content that is fresh, interactive, readable and easily understandable will bring you closer to your customer’s heart.

Studies and surveys show that users usually stay on a website for hardly a few seconds and they spend even lesser time for reading the content. According to Hubspot, 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on your website and this proves our point we have discussed regarding content presentation.

We never encourage copy-paste technique for your website development which needs to be unique and without blunders.

  1. Apply Common Sense to Creativity

How your website appears is a litmus test that determines whether your website is appealing to the crowd out there. You should take care that it is attractive and not flashy at the same time.

Remember the saying that “First Impression is your Last Impression!”

Keep care of the following points:

  • Wise usage of space
  • Leave enough white space for your content to breathe.
  • Avoid irrelevant images
  • Poor readability
  • Avoid contrasting colors & inappropriate font size
  • Avoid broken links & validation errors
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Don’t forget to change your Email ID from the Site
  • The Copyright year must be the year when the website is launched
  1. Content is the King

The only thing bridging your business to a global audience is your website. It will attract not just local audience, but a wide range of people from different parts of the world. You must be ready to brace and appease them. Your content matters when you have a large audience to please keeping in view the rat race which is growing fiercer with each passing day.

As you are spending your valuable time and money on website development, there needs to be a quality check on the content to assure it is in sync with audience interest without compromising on its quality and uniqueness.

It would be better to get rid of these common content writing practices at the earliest:

  • Avoid Spelling and grammatical mistakes
  • Provide space between words
  • Spacing after punctuation is necessary
  • Start a sentence with capital letter
  • Check if there is any discrepancy in the content
  • Unorganized content layout
  • Check the caption. Do not place full stops between your captions.
  1. Functionality is our watch word

You need to go for website development that is perfectly splendid and functions as per the client specifications. It must enable client to garner customer attraction and generate leads.

Here are some tips that will help you in website development and its functionality process:

  • Ensure a proper navigation
  • Avoid communication errors-Newsletter subscription, Contact information etc
  • Provide a comment section to login or register before the user starts filling the application
  • Check if all the links are functional
  • Double check E-commerce site functionalities
  1. E-Commerce Functionality

E-commerce websites allow their users to make purchases with just a click of the mouse or tap on their smartphones. You need to constantly update yourself with innovative ideas that can feed their soul.

The kind of impression you are creating is directly evident from the number of online users of your website. These are things that customers are looking in an E-commerce website:

  • Reduce the Loading Time
  • Provision for user to Delete an Add, Order etc
  • Provision to log in & log out
  • Proper Transaction calculations
  • Error in sending mails

Remember that you are not alone waiting to trap the prey. Even an increased load time can repel your customers. In order to reduce the loading time in website development, following programming standards need to be taken care of:

  • Move Broken links
  • Focus on Content Area
  • Optimize Images
  • Optimize Large Files
  • Use Clean CSS
  • Optimize PHP Codes
  1. Call to Action

A CTA button is the link between the regular content of your webpage that the potential customer is interested in and a page with more high-value offer on it that is relevant and interesting enough to persuade the customer to complete a short form.

It is one of the most effective strategies to gain user attention. First of all, you have to make sure that it works. It should contain to the point and precise message. It would be more effective I fit could have a color different from the color scheme of the webpage fitting with overall design.

The following points need to kept in mind:

  • Provide standard validation messages
  • Provide style and color combinations for confirmation mails similar to the site
  • Include Company Logo
  • Provide Company name in the address Page
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Customize 404 Error Page
  • Don’t miss out to highlight all the links and buttons
  1. Checklist for Clients

For whom are you doing the website development? Your client is going to generate business and sales from the website you are developing.

How are you going to design a website if you don’t know your client’s end requirements? For this, you need to maintain a checklist which contains the questionnaire pertaining to their requirement. Get it filled by them so that you can examine while working on your projects and ensure that whatever you are doing is appropriate.

It helps you to understand their needs and then, create a perfectly customized solution to fit into their needs.

  1. Improvising your site’s speed and performance

If the website that you have prepared is unable to show some extraordinary performance at an unbelievable loading speed there is no chance it will stay. You want to create a website that will gain you reputation for future work and not a flop which will spread word about how you messed up things and people’s business.

So, don’t forget to test your site for speed and performance. There is a checklist one can follow when it comes to site’s speed but performance is an aspect that is too tough to crack when there are other sites out there offering the best.

To summarize, a website must be free of errors, friendly, standardized and customized to be compliant with any kind of devices or browsers.