Breadcrumbs, when it comes to website design, are navigational trails that make navigating the website easier. Breadcrumbs are essential for SEO, according to experts at a reputable website development company in Kolkata, India, and leaving them out of your website design is not a good idea.

Consider this: getting lost in a crowded supermarket while grocery shopping with our parents because we accidentally lost our grip on their hands is a memory we all remember. In such situations, we start looking about frantically for indications or recognized locations.  Similar to a large supermarket, each website development agency creates numerous websites dedicated to specific products.

What is Breadcrumb Navigation

Breadcrumbs are links on a website that can be located near the top or just below the main navigation bar. It is a secondary navigation system that aids visitors in comprehending the relationship between their current location on a webpage and how they arrived there. If a visitor lands on a page that doesn’t provide the information they need, they may either return to the homepage or go down a level or two and start over.

Breadcrumb in its Many Formats

Below, we’ll go through the types of breadcrumb navigation and how they work.

  • History-based Breadcrumb: Also known as path-based breadcrumbs, with the path giving links to subpages on a website that have already been visited. They act as a replacement for your browser’s history bar and mimic the backward and forward arrows, says a professional of Digital Googly, the best web development company in Kolkata, India. The following is the format of history-based breadcrumb navigation: Home > Subpage > Subpage >Current page
  • Attribute-based Breadcrumb: For e-commerce sites, most website construction companies utilize attribute-based breadcrumbs to help visitors refine search results. They usually take the following form: Home >Product> Gender > Size
  • Hierarchy-based Breadcrumb: They show you where you are in the website’s architecture and how many steps it takes to get back to the homepage/parent page.Breadcrumbs with a hierarchical structure look like this:  Home > Category > Sub-category > Current Page


To make the most of breadcrumb and make your website easier to navigate, opt for Digital Googly’s web development services in Kolkata. India. Since breadcrumbs show the complete trail or steps of a process, they benefit SEO and reduce user anxiety.