Website content delivers crucial information to educate. If you want your website to rank on the first page of Google, you have to inform the search engine and your audience about your website. Relevant information, keywords, internal links, and calls to action are some of the elements that boost your website’s ranking.

According to Digital Googly, a web development company in Kolkata, India, a company might invest thousands in building a well-functioning and well-designed website, but without the right content, the chances of ranking in SERP will be next to null.

Let’s have a look at some of the main reasons why content is so essential for search engine rankings and informing the viewers –


Website content delivers crucial information about your business and the products or services it is offering. The entire website must be optimized so that the search engine knows what your site is all about. When the content is up to the mark, the search engine will know when to showcase your website and its pages in the search results based on relevant search queries.


Using suitable keywords is an important part of content. Website content provides an option to use relevant keywords, which allows the search engine to identify and rank your website on specific keywords you have utilized while composing the content, says the web design agency in Kolkata, India.

Building internal links

Internal linking is a wonderful way to lead the users to extra details that might be useful for them. An internal link in content allows the user to jump to another relevant page that has been hyperlinked. When a website contains internal links in its content, it enables the search engine to understand the website faster, and it also may help the pages on your website be indexed.

Calls to action

According to the best web development company in Kolkata, India, you can also utilize content to deliver a call to action to your audience. A call to action is an invitation to users to conduct an action. Some examples of calls to action are:

  • Contact us
  • Add to cart
  • Request a quote
  • Leave a review or whatever you want users to do on your website

Adding calls to action throughout your site will help to improve conversions through your website. In our industry, we frequently say that content is king. Not only can content enhance your search engine rankings, fetch quality visitors to your website and boost user experience, it can also help convert users into customers or fans.


Digital Googly, one of the leading website development companies in Kolkata, delivers effective content that ensures the website’s success with discoverability in the search engines and helps your customer comprehend your business.

We understand that search engines adore content, especially updated content, and high-quality website content has immense potential to generate the desired results. At Digital Googly, we deliver exactly that. We produce high-quality content for your business website and yield strong short-term and long-term results.