The majority of our website design and digital marketing teams’ effort is spent on planning, executing, and launching websites. There’s nothing like crossing the finish line ––right after a client’s website goes live. As one of the best website design and development company in Kolkata, launching a new website is an opportunity for us to show off the culmination of weeks of research, planning, content production, design, and development––all bundled into one, SEO-friendly website. We do, in fact, feel good after finishing a project.

It’s a task done for pleasure and love!

Website design and development enable us to create fresh, engaging sites that are intended to assist brands in sharing their stories and connecting with more customers all over the world. Being honest and unbiased during the website development process is also crucial. It assists us in making difficult decisions like what to maintain, what to cut, and what to promote in order to improve conversion rates.

When it came to creating our own website, though, we unexpectedly found ourselves in our clients’ shoes. We had limited benefit of impartiality, as it was too close and personal this time.

You’re always learning new lessons in web designing and digital marketing, no matter how long you’ve been doing them––that’s why they never get old. We did, however, pick up a few new website-building tips that we highly suggest!

Obtain an outside perspective

Put yourself in the shoes of the customer. What exactly are they on the lookout for? What are the questions they’re posing? How will customers utilise your website to find the information they need, buy a product, obtain a consultation, or keep up with your news and updates?

When it comes to your company’s website, remaining objective and unbiased is easier said than done. As a result, getting an outside perspective is critical to avoid falling into the trap of creating a site that you “think” looks amazing but that your clients despise. You may design the user’s journey around the site by thinking critically from the perspective of your target audience.

It’s simple to write as if the audience is someone from your industry while creating your website copy, for example. However, the user is likely to be someone who is unfamiliar with your industry’s jargon, trends, acronyms, and so on.

Be prepared for hiccups

Things can and often go wrong no matter how well you plan. It’s preferable to plan for snags before they happen, whether it is design changes, timeline alterations, or development challenges, so you always have a backup plan.

Do not forget about the keywords you are already ranking for

It’s all too easy to get caught up in hunting for new phrases and optimising your old content without thinking about the keywords you’re already ranking for. Keeping those in mind, and making sure to intelligently integrate them across the new site, will allow you to maintain, if not improve, your SERP ranks.

Audit your own website

Conducting your own website audit is a smart approach to ensure you don’t overlook the above strategies on our list. When we’re developing a new website strategy, this is a crucial service we provide. It allows you to keep track of your existing site’s analytics (such as pageviews, engagement, user behaviours, and acquisitions), as well as target conversions, current keyword rankings, backlinks, and competition. It also assists you in identifying chances that you may be overlooking! We never begin a new website project without first doing a thorough audit.

If you’re looking to create a new website for your business or ecommerce store, get in touch with Digital Googly, a well-known web design agency in Kolkata. Our website designers and digital marketers will assist you in planning, strategizing, and developing a site that attracts more visitors and gets you the results you desire!