According to the web designers of Digital Googly, a web design company in Kolkata, a lot of exciting fonts will be making headlines in February 2022. Most of these font styles will be paying homage to the ‘70s retro style. The trend may have been stimulated by Burger King’s recent successful rebranding effort, which emulates the fun retro vibe.

Whatever may be the reason, this transition of typography is an essential one that we believe will give consumers and designers alike a healthy and fun break from the mundane modernity.

So, here are our designers’ favorite top 10 new fonts that you should consider forweb designing.

1) Crafty Signs

‘Crafty signs’ is the ideal display font for brands targeting children or ones that want to portray a big personality and the old-school vibes.

2) Epicene Collection

Epicene is the perfect font if you are going for the classic calligraphic style, says the website designing company in Kolkata. It is a Baroque font with beautiful swirls and strokes. The collection has two families— one for display and one for text. You can use this collection to style your entire site.

3) Kingsad

Kingsad is a sans serif font. It has a unique design that is perfect for branding. The structure of the characters would make it ideal for brands in the science and tech spaces.

4) Lucius

Lucius combines the characteristics of serif and sans serif. This font family has eight weights that you can use for both display and text.

5) Manju

Manju’s designer describes the font as “soft and chewy.” It is a classic retro style. According to the best web design company in Kolkata, the bold and thick strokes make it ideal for food packaging and candy wrappers.

6) Midnight Sans

Midnight Sans has a grungy, nostalgic feel as it was initially designed for a book about the emerging punk music scene in NYC in the ‘70s – When Midnight Comes Around. The font comes in a single weight and has two variants: Midnight Sans ST and Midnight Sans RD.

7) Painless

The painless font has one style — a textured, bold sans serif. The font’s unapologetic design (casual, hand-brushed feel) won’t fit well with just any brand, says the designers of Digital Googly, a website design company in Kolkata. However, if you are a company that sells hardware, furniture or other DIY products, look no further. The hand-painted style will go perfectly with your brand.

8) Recipient

The recipient is a single-spaced font inspired by the old typewriters’ typefaces. It comes with five weights and a group of matching italics. The font can be used for text as well as for smaller headlines.

9) Sea Angel

Sea Angel is a serif font with beautiful and elegant curves. The font is easy to look at and will look great on websites for high-end retailers, museums, luxury magazines, fashion brands, beauty companies, and more.

10) Smack Boom

According to the web design company in Kolkata, classic comic book styles will never go out of style. Therefore, if you want to associate your brand with the idea of ‘cool’ and ‘heroic,’ this font will bring that look to your logos and web designs.