Recently, technology for SEO services has undergone a major revolution. Google has started to roll out all the search engine updates to allow web users get relevant and best search results. Different tasks are currently being carried out as people offer line of commands to smart-phones and other mobile devices.

This simply indicates one thing that voice search have become more popular now-a-days. At the end of some lengthy processes, high returns are thus expected to come. Voice searches are more accurate than the earlier used methods. With engagement of more and more household products, queries based on voice search shows increasing trend.

Here are some things that comprise voice search technology technique in 2018:

Searching:  Now, SEO services are more concerned about wastage of time with methodical application of voice search. The various technologies available with the users include Alexa, Siri, Smart Assistant and Cortana. Search methodologies play a significant role in determining the kind of information. Knowledge Graph by Google helps the users in presenting the entire search results on the right side of the screen. This technology helps in improving the level of search results.

Voice search has helped the users to land with more specific search results. Any command in the page layout of Alexa or Siri will bring out information specific to the query served.

Accuracy is under question: Search options have certain disadvantages. The voice search picks up answers from various sources. Therefore, there are ways to figure out about exactness of the answers. Voice is able to influence on the using pattern of search engines. This implies that it will also be able to put significant influence on SEO process.

Long-tail keywords with natural sounds: Experts in SEO services are able to guess the words that the searchers normally use while searching something. In the same way, the words or sentences to be used in searching of products, services etc., can be deduced too. Studies show that web users normally use natural sounding phrases.

Therefore, SEO professionals are optimizing the contents available with them with a prior consideration that the users will use long-tail phrases.  Use of these phrases will enhance the chances of getting the contents get better ranking in SERPs.

Use of Micro-data: Searches based on voice have proved as boon for businesses. Studies have revealed the fact that over 50% of the US teens and about 41% of the US adults are in regular practice of using the concept. It is also found that large number of voice queries is around navigational queries; these comprise searching for nearby businesses.

Therefore, it is very important for the SEO services experts’ structure content address as it may appear in local searches. During optimization, all the business locations, landmarks, phone numbers, landmarks etc are required to put as data.

Addition of FAQ page: Forming FAQ page is one of the most important optimizing tips for voice search. These pages are also designed by the experts in SEO services on the basis of assumptions about probable queries from visitors and audiences.

Online searches are mainly categorized into three categories:

  • Informational: informational queries are included for users looking for specific information


  • Navigational: There will be certain queries and their responses which help a user to tread into the particular site


  • Transactional: Some query and response set is designed to make the user lead to a particular desired action. For instance, queries and response for completion of an online payment.


With the passage of time, more and more new techniques and methodologies will be introduced in the system of SEO services.  These new and innovative approaches will make required advancement in SEO patterns to make it more befit to recent trend of searching and navigation to websites.