The world is being gradually taken over by video content. It has been stated by a recent Cisco white paper that 85% of online content will be video content by 2019. The majority of the mobile data is being used for audio and video services. At present, 60% of total mobile data consist of mobile audio traffic and it is expected that video will comprise 78% of mobile data by 2021. The video content consumption is very high. The most significant video venue in the world currently is YouTube. 1 billion hours are watched daily and there are over 1 billion users. The increased viewership of videos requires a solid strategy and following of best services, like any other aspect of digital marketing. You can gain profit from this if you hire a reliable YouTube marketing company. Here we will explain a few of them.

Best Practices for Video SEO

The video content will not bring anyone close to the mouth of the funnel if it isn’t getting seen. Some work is needed for getting noticed as there are many users and channels on There should be an actionable strategy for video SEO essential as the video is no longer a novelty.

With regards to video SEO, the following basic checks are necessary, which are done by companies providing SEO services in Kolkata:

  1. Name Your Channel:

    As soon as possible, aim to have at least 500 subscribers for your channel. This is because there must be 500 or more subscribers to a channel and it also must be at least 30 days old in order to claim a vanity URL. The photo of the channel and the channel banner must be uploaded in vanity channels.

  2. Use Channel Keywords:

    The marketers can place important keywords to drive traffic to the channel’s content with the help of the channel keyword elements. However, Google strictly examines all the activities done. Using more YouTube optimized keywords within the search engine’s parameters should be the aim in order to ensure the channel’s high rankings on Google. These can also be done by a company dealing in social media marketing in Kolkata.

  3. Channel Description:

    The channel description area should not be neglected. From a usability point of view, think about it. The subject of your channel should be known by everybody and all efforts made towards a seamless user experience are rewarded by search engines. Moreover, you can add your focus keywords intelligently in your channel descriptions.

Companies will lose out on a valuable opportunity to increase ROI if they do not optimize their YouTube channel by using keywords, linking and trading. There can be a great increase in your returns if you do correct tagging, branding and linking on platforms like YouTube, which costs only a little bit. Optimizing for mobile users, desktop users and using video SEO, is part of an effective video optimization marketing strategy that no business should miss, as video viewership continues to grow.