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The techniques used in website designing and Development Company in Kolkata are undergoing a rapid change with the trending increase in number of mobile phone users. A few words that have created the buzz in the website designing world these days are ‘minimalism’ ‘responsive’ and ‘flat design’. As the giants of tech world like ‘Microsoft’ is embracing these technologies, it won’t be much longer before others following the same.
Although the concept of Flat Design has been doing round for years, it truly came to the forefront in 2013. It is not a new concept in any way but addition of the word ‘Flat’ has got it rising to the surface to indicate that this concept is here to stay for years to come.

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Basically, Flat designs make no use of big buttons or other call-to-action items. They assume that by now, the average internet user is a lot aware of what do on a website guided by the recent developments in technological literacy.
The use of Flat Design in website designing has automatically taken care of three important properties of a website, namely, simplicity, minimalism and user experience. So, the long held belief that users would find it uneasy to navigate through a website if a button or an icon didn’t pop-out in the right time has gone old as users are now more matured.

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Now, the question that concerns us is how to make use of this Flat Design in our own website?

A Flat Design makes users feel comfortable while navigating through your website. Following are some tips that some of the best web design companies in Kolkata use while using Flat Design for their website.

1. Go for a simple background

Don’t make use of a loud image or some other patterns for your website. Instead, you can use plain background with smooth colors on them. The color scheme must be relaxing to the eyes of the visitor so that they can stay on your website. Your color selection should not be discomforting to human eyes.

2. Don’t use too many effects

Do not use gradients and animated transitions in any form on your website. A Flat Design will avoid the use of such effects and displays the depth and a live emotion towards your website.

3. Remove the icons

One of the main features of a flat designed website is that they use icons which provide a streamlined user experience to the visitors. Always keep the design of your icons as simple and clear as possible so that they can be easily noticed, that too, without adding any unnecessary effects to them.

4. Experiment with shapes

Geometric shapes like squares, circles and lines are the most commonly used shapes in a Flat Design website. Make a clear-cut plan for your content and make it visible by introducing Flat Design with the common shapes.

5. Use the bright colors

The color palette of your web design must be fresh, cheerful and should include light color complexions. You can use bright pinks, greens, blues and yellow colors. These colors are easy on human eyes and will bind your visitors to your website to go through all your contents.

6. Create simple navigating stuffs

Keep your navigation menus and links simple on your website. Remove all the normal and hover effects on the navigation menu so that visitors can focus only on the navigation menu with text on them. Make a habit to use simple boxes while creating navigation menu. Don’t introduce any type of shadows or highlights on the navigation menu.

Design principles have went through a massive shift from skeumorphic designs which included textures and drop shadows towards more simple and aesthetic appearance. Known by the word ‘Flat Design’ in day-to-day use, this new design procedure is eventually gaining ground.