If you are planning to start YouTube marketing this year, you need to be quite savvy about it. As per the researches, YouTube has more than 60 million content creators posting online videos regularly.  Therefore, your own content needs to stand out to win the game.

Does this sound like another challenge? Don’t panic when the top digital marketing company in Kolkata is there to help you. New-gen experts have the key strategies to reach your core audience and create engagement.

At the onset, remember that most of the YouTube viewers are not huge fans of advertising.  Therefore, you need to think carefully about the strategies to raise awareness about your brand while retaining the viewers’ interest.

It might sound quite difficult, but it’s totally doable with the right approach.  There are three key areas which you need to focus on.

  1. Optimizing your YouTube channel wisely
  2. Understanding your audience and  also your competitors
  3. Making the most of influencer marketing and YouTube ads.

Now, let’s dig deeper into it.

  • Optimizing The Business Youtube Channel:

Before you get started with anything, you need to open a brand account on Google.  When you create a personal YouTube channel using your regular Google account, only you can log into that channel. While on the other hand, if you create a channel using a Brand Account,   lots of authorized Google accounts can log in simultaneously.

  • Understand Your Audience’s  Behaviour:

A YouTube channel gives you the permission to access the Analytics tab which contains lots of stats related to your channel.  You can get sufficient quantitative insights on your channel along with your audience’s behaviour, your view counts, revenues generated, and average watch time and interaction rate across videos. In addition, the analytics tab also contains valuable data on your subscribers.  Monitoring the demographics and the Watch Time Analytics is important for answering questions like:

  1. When and where are your videos viewed?
  2. How old are your viewers?
  3. What gender do your followers mostly identify as?

Understanding the type of your followers will let you know what their interests are and how to create engagement.

  • Researching About Your Competition:

Do you want to outshine your competitors and stay ahead in the game?   Fortunately, lots of information to identify your potential opportunities is easily available on their channels. For instance, you can browse your competitors’ YouTube channels. Take note of which videos are getting the most and least views. You will have an idea on what kind of contents the audience like.   It will be easier for your social media marketing company to create effective strategies for you.