In today’s digital marketing world, web development and design holds the key importance in defining success or failure of an online marketing company. With each passing day, appear new innovations and web development trends. That’s why digital marketers and web developers need to keep themselves updated with ongoing technological changes as well as changing trends.

A lot of things come into play when we consider web development and web design, such as aesthetics of website, database configuration/mapping, web APIs, caching, website services and so on. Besides, there are several web development frameworks that can make a developers work simple. You can check out some of the best website development and design company in Kolkata. Here we are listing 7 top web development frameworks that are set to rule in 2018.

Ruby on Rails

This framework is built using a well-known programming language called Ruby. The reusability feature of the code makes the web development task much faster and easier. Some of the popular websites written on Ruby are: GitHub, 500px, Basecamp, and so on. Its large community base provides help for your project whenever and wherever required. Some of the advantages of using this framework are:

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  • Suitable for all business types. It doesn’t matter if you are working on a project management or site building platform; RoR takes care of all your business needs.
  • It minimizes time on website development by about30-40%. Thanks to its lean code base.
  • It easily allows for modification of existing codes or add some new features to your website. It is pretty stable and predictable, which makes it a clear choice for working on long term projects.


It is one of the best PHP development frameworks in use right now. It is bundled with a lot of facilities for both web application and mobile application for small as well as big businesses. He bundle of facilities include Authorization technique, object oriented libraries, Artisan, MVC Support, CSRF encryption and various other features.

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  • Easy to implement and organize authorization logic and control access to resources.
  • MVC architecture helps the website to perform better.
  • Easy to add web features like encryption, CSRF, hashing and other facilities

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It is an open source web development framework built in PHP5. It’s clear design and user friendly interface makes it extremely simple and quick for web development. This framework is optimized for performance, which makes it best choice for any sized project. It has lots of amazing tools to help you with debugging and testing.

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  • It does not involve classes or objects when not required. This makes it incredibly fast during loading without any delays.
  • It is highly reliable and secure as it uses OOP standards.
  • All the professional and efficient resources are absolutely free.

All these features make it a high performance framework which will allow you to develop beautiful websites.


It allows users to create real-time web applications for different platforms. It is a great framework for creating simple websites for personal use. This is an open source isomorphic JavaScript Web framework which allows loading the pages much faster. It reduces your hard work of writing multiple line of codes to just a few lines.

Meteor JS | Website development company in Kolkata | Digital Googly

  • It’s one of the most exciting feature is that you can use the same code whether you’re developing for iOS, web, Android or desktop.
  • Instead of writing components yourself, you can use various tools and focus on building features.

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This web application network has been developed in Node.JS. You can rely on this framework when it comes to develop APIs and web applications as fast and easy as possible. A number of features have been provided with the help of plugins. You can use this framework to develop mobile applications as well.

Express JS | Website development company in Kolkata | Digital Googly

  • Using various modules on npm you can extend your website’s functionalities as you wish.
  • It is best choice for people whose goal is to develop simple web services and APIs.


It is one of the open source web development framework based on PHP. Its focus is on building secure, modern, reliable web services and applications. It makes use of several other PHP packages. As a result, it makes the development of high end websites significantly easier and faster. It makes use of MVC architecture to separate database and business logic from the presentation layer. This leads to a more understandable, clean and simple code.

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  • It uses OOP concepts as interfaces and inheritance which will help you extend its various components.
  • You will be surprised to see that you can take advantage of the cache feature. Most of its components are workable.
  • Routing job is flawless.

Cake PHP

It is an open source website development platform that makes advanced web programs look more compelling, snappier and requires comparatively less code. Its work is also based on MVC architecture.

It is a modern PHP7 framework that offers:

  • Flexible database access layer
  • Powerful scaffolding system that helps building both small and complex systems simpler.

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Based on the above frameworks, you can choose the right one as the choice of your framework will influence on the quality of your future website. Each of the listed frameworks is widely used in top web Development Company in Kolkata and can be helpful in both front and back-end development.