Web design trends have been a hot topic for business owners and designers who want to understand where a business is heading in the upcoming days. In the first place, your company website plays a crucial role in building up your brand image. Your brand and marketing strategies are evolving regularly. Why should your website take a backseat? Hire the best SEO website design company in Kolkata and impress your consumers.
Do you know 70% of customers judge your brand’s credibility from your website design? Therefore, a contemporary and strong website design is vital for your business.
What are the top website design trends? Let’s have a look.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Website:

2018 saw the new website design trend mobile-first indexing which prioritizes links and contents from mobile website pages. Furthermore, this trend will be carried over to the upcoming years. It requires web designers to prioritize the mobile version of websites. SEO is a rapidly evolving field and Google is constantly experimenting with its way to rank a website. In addition to that, the web design community also came up with a revolution called mobile-first indexing. Keep in mind that ‘mobile-first’ doesn’t mean ‘mobile-only’.

  1. Website Speed: 

Your users only spend three seconds to decide whether they will stay or leave your website. Notably, as per the research, 50% of users want your website to load in three seconds or less. Therefore, speed is the second important design trend in 2019.

  1. Full-Screen Video Background: 

Top providers of website design services in Kolkata keep experimenting with ways to capture the users’ attention. For example, videos are more convenient to share more information. It enables the users to quickly understand the characteristics of webpage, services, and products. Hence proved, it is a great way to increase user time on page.

  1. Minimal Designs:

‘Less is more’ is what we believe today. Website designers are also following this trend nowadays. Going minimal on the layout, using well designed CTA, using clear typography are most likely to result in higher page conversions.

  1. Interesting Typography:

Bold typography and unique fonts never cease to impress your audience. Fonts have an intentional statement themselves. The more detailed and artistic your webpage typography is, the more fun it creates for the users. In brief, typography creates a visual hierarchy which is good for the long run. In addition to attracting your users, make your website organize all the information in front of them.
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