How do you measure your brand’s growth with the help of social media marketing?  Is it all about getting likes, comments and shares? At the end of day, what exactly the numbers of likes represent? Undoubtedly, it guarantees that someone saw your post or even agreed with it. But it doesn’t guarantee that the content amazed your users.

What Does Like Mean?

  • Your users agree with you
  • They have noticed your post
  • They liked your post
  • They want to bookmark it

What Are The Previous Ways To Show Engagements?

  • As per the conventional standards click, comment and share get the job done.
  • Following the brand’s social media accounts and pages
  • Searching the brand’s feet
  • Checking their profiles and stories

New-age digital marketing agency is setting up goals to look beyond your likes, comments or share while strengthening your online personae. Instead of that, you need to focus all your energy on getting your users attention. This new concept solely aims to create a successful social media marketing tool that goes beyond the same old user’s engagement method. What’s more important for your growth is the attention you are gathering over the numbers of shares or likes you get.

 How Can The Digital Marketers Leverage The Power Of Attention?

These days, the key to create a successful social media content goes beyond the conventional attributes.  Getting likes, comments and shares surely means that you are on the right track but with so much data available for a social media marketing company there are much more to do.

Turn Your Focus On Things Such As:

  • Website traffic,
  • Engagement rate of users
  • total time spent on a page,
  • video watch time,
  • audience’s retention
  • number of page visits in each visit

 Choose The Right Content

Sharing the right content is very important while grabbing your target audience’s attention. When you are targeting your audience’s attention and engagement instead of activities, sharing right content is a must.

Choose Your Promotion Wisely

Promotional content affects your audience’s trust. Here comes the role of a digital marketing company in making ways for your potential growth. Make sure to share what your customers actually need. Find what your customers actually want and follow through. Social media is not just for telling people about your services and products, it is also a customer service channel.  Therefore use it wisely.