The core update is a process Google undergoes several times a year, making significant and broad transformations to the search engine algorithms and systems. As a leading SEO agency in Kolkata, here we have highlighted the main features of the core updates, knowing which can prove to be extremely useful for business owners, marketers and content creators. 

When your website or content goes down in search engine ranking after a core update, you might scratch your head looking for the reason in vain. Such is the use of this article as it will share with you a definitive explanation of how Google search’s core update works.  

The working of the core update 

Google has clearly stated that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with pages whose performance suffered a setback after a core update. When your page’s performance goes down, it does not necessarily imply that your pages have violated the spam policy or been reprimanded by manual or algorithmic action. The SEO services agencies in Kolkata know all too well that a core update does not target specific pages or sites; instead, it implements an overall revamping to enhance the way the algorithm assesses and evaluates the content. 

Consequently, these changes may cause previously underappreciated pages to do better and go up in the search engine ranking. The official Google statement has substantiated this functioning with a clear illustration: let’s say someone compiled a list of 100 movies in 2021; some years later, in 2024, the list would become dated as there might be more titles for inclusion. Additionally, the films in higher places will also be reassessed and redistributed. This simple yet clear instance provides all the keys to the working of Google Search’s core update. 

How to reassess your own content?

Pages that suffered setbacks after a broad core update could be rectified through some strategies. To begin with, you must offer your best content. Authoritativeness, user-friendliness and reliability are three must-have qualities of your content. The new algorithm seeks these qualities and tends to reward them highly. Google has an outstanding help page that provides stellar guidelines on how to create helpful, reliable and user-friendly content. 

However, if you don’t want to step into all the technical nuances yourself, it is time you hire an SEO services company in Kolkata and count on them to take your content to unimagined heights. Professional SEO executives can help your content meet all the requirements of the search engine algorithm and likewise help it outshine the competition. 

Google’s broad core updates happen every few months. Often, rectification or improvements by a site owner is not a sufficient guarantee for the retrieval or resumption of the position of a page or website. No page has any guaranteed position in the search engine result. The continuous efforts of an SEO agency are required to maintain a page’s search engine ranking. This is an infallible reason why your business needs to hire a renowned SEO agency in Kolkata if you haven’t already.