As the world has become more connected, global and virtual marketing teams have become more diverse.  According to the surveys, 78% of us are working from home due to the current pandemic situation. When more and more people started working from their homes, many of them faced unexpected problems like lack of focus, interrupted productivity and so on.  How is the best digital marketing company in Kolkata coping with all the challenges? Let’s find out below:

What are we doing to take advantage of these opportunities and avoid obstacles? In this blog, we’ll share some insider’s hacks on how we work effectively and happily – even when we’re away from our beloved workplace.

We, at the best digital marketing company in Kolkata, pay attention to small details

When working with a team that consists of people coming from different backgrounds, we have to look after every single thing.  First and foremost, we made hard efforts to come up with a flexible teamwork process. We need to be careful about the strengths and weaknesses of the people we are working with. Responding to this little detail really helps us strengthen our relationships with our teammates.  As a result, it improves the morale of the whole team in the process.

We make our virtual meetings visual

When we are not meeting one another for a long span of months, it’s quite common to lose track and feel lost.  Therefore, it is important to keep seeing the faces of your teammates in order to feel their presence.  Fortunately, we have lots of updated tools now.  Here at the best social media marketing company in Kolkata we use tools like Google meet, Zoom for video team meetings.   Such face-to-face meetings also help to add realness to team members that would not be possible otherwise.

We pretend like we are going into the office

We are our own managers while working from home. Without things such as our daily meeting schedules, we can be easily distracted. The mental relationship established between works, daily commute to the office, back-to-back meetings can be stressful.

When working from home, all these hazards are not there.  In our home office, all the efforts we give are to set the alarm, prepare the work desk, drink some coffee, snacks and we are at your desk.  But whenever we open our system and start our day, it feels the same as we used to do in our office.

Setting up a proper workstation just like the best digital marketing in Kolkata

How did we convert our homes into our office? Pretty simple. We didn’t end up cooping ourselves upon our beds or couch-places that have the leisure vibes. We moved our workstation to a cozy corner where we can focus more on getting real work done.

That’s how, we, at the best social media marketing agency in Kolkata, have been carrying on with our work so far so good.