Ten of the best web design secrets.

All the principles behind an effective web design have been complex and not necessarily complicated. These designing principles followed by several website development companies include some fundamental concepts that are related to human behavior, aesthetics and testing.

  • Role of Psychology:

    Behavioral psychology forms the basic concept of an effective web design. We the homo-sapiens have been specific in expressing our responses towards colors, shapes, fonts, imagery and other visual elements in a webpage.

  • Redesigns are planned around the users’ goal:

    Users may adore sophisticated layouts, but their basic intention to scroll through website links is to gather some information. At the same time, the purpose of search could be to purchase something. With an understanding of this explicit demand, the sites are accordingly framed.

  • Quality does not necessarily mean expensive:

    Quality web designing need not be an expensive one. Best website development companies capable to design compelling sites have been found to bring about qualitative conversions irrespective of price levels. The professional contacts may be asked for referrals of reputable web design companies, research designers, and developers who have created their names in building workable websites.

  • Testing acumen:

    Web designing has proved fertile for those people who love clarity and data driven results. All the elements in a web page can be put under scrutiny that forms part of users’ experience. These tastes can have serious implications for the performance of sites. Smallest modifications can bring about significant changes.

  • Project hosting services are to be utilized to track updates in version:

    Keeping an assent to previous versions of site is necessary at the time of testing. Any change, improvement and updating can be managed thus and corrective actions can also be implemented.

  • Distinguish branding and design:

    Being smart in designing does not necessarily imply that the same person will have symmetrical elegance in analyzing, interpretation and communication of brand identity. Branding and web designing are two entirely different skill set. It is imperative that the company leadership work with web designers to impart an understanding about brand identity. The theme of brand identity includes core values and market segmentation that are to be communicated throughout the site in detail.

  • Site ranking is affected by Load Times:

    Load time plays crucial role in navigation and conversion. This also affects the reputation of the search engines. In order to mitigate the issue, Google had decided to factor the speed of loading time into ranking algorithm. Load time affects performance too. Almost 20% decline in traffic has been experienced with a delay of half a second in loading time. Aesthetics are important but work ability is prime preference.

  • Viewers’ attention is directed to design elements:

    Important psychological responses are created with the application of White space. It has the ability to draw the reader to the identifiable design elements elsewhere in the page. Visual cues can also be used while the need is to direct the attention of the audience to a particular spot on the screen. For instance, images of babies are used to draw the attention of adult readers.

  • Can Common websites be performing too:

    Brand attributes include innovation and creativity which is best demonstrated with the uniqueness of a website. But, these qualities in a website never increase its effectiveness. Website design companies prefer that the sites are made with familiar characteristics that would never arouse any confusion in the minds of the audience.

  • Design elements never create issues:

    Experts, after serious consideration over the features of a website, has concluded that design elements have nothing to do with issues in a website. Poor messaging or ineffective content that do not have power to engage clients are rather identified as the core reasons for generating issues.