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SSL certificates are small data files used for keeping websites secured. It is among the latest recommendations offered by Website Design & Development Companies. It helps in digital binding of cryptographic keys to the details of an organization. Being installed on a Web Server, SSL certificates activate the padlock and the https protocol. Secure connections are also allowed to pass from a web server to a browser.

In the past, when the websites did not collect sensitive data like credit/debit cards or social security numbers, SSL certificates were not necessary. With the evolution of new browser notices, every website will have to be equipped with SSL certificate which is loaded via https. Presence of SSL certificate is important as the information sent from one PC to another via internet, the crucial details for the sender like credit card number, username and passwords are encrypted with such certificate.

Importance of SSL certificate with respect to a website

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Protection of Data: Server– client communication is protected by using SSL certificate. Each piece of information is encrypted by Web Design Companies with prior installation of these certificates. Sensitive data like IDs, passwords, credit card numbers etc. are protected against the mischievous hackers. When the data is turned into undecipherable format, hacker’s skill finds no way to probe into the crucial details of the user.


Confirming Identity: Identity verification is one of the most important functions when web security is thought of. SSL has a lot to do in such identification. When a SSL certificate is installed, the applicant will need to pass through a validation process. The process is set by an independent third party called Certificate Authority. Nature of such verification depends on the type of certificate and nature of organization. When an organization proves its identity, the website gets trust indicators that speak for the identity of the organization and its owner.


Safety for sub-domains: Wildcard is a particular type of SSL certificate that lets the user to secure the main site and all the sub-domains. Implementation of a single SSL certificate will suffice the purpose. This is especially useful when the user is a business owner or a person maintaining large websites with several sub-domains. Separate certificates are to be installed for each sub-domain with standard SSL.


High SEO ranking: All the https enabled websites have been given upper hands by Google since 2014. SEO experts from around the world have conducted various studies while conducting SEO services thus proving the validity. In line with https initiative, Google has also provided websites with encrypted connections a slight boost in ranking. There lies the importance of SSL. Experts are now of the opinion that there is a strong correlation between https and higher SEO ranking.


Credibility and trust of customers: SSL certificates help the owner gain visitor’s trust. With the introduction of security padlock in the address bar, the connection becomes secure. It will also show the visitors that their privacy has been taken care of with absolute seriousness. Absence of such certificate may result in one or other browser remarking the website as unsafe.