There is a continuous evolvement in the social media platforms just like digital marketing channels. There are various technologies and capabilities of social media platforms and they have to be utilized properly to get the best results. You have to remain aware of the latest trends of the social media world, which you can know from a social media marketing company in Kolkata. Here we will discuss some social media trends that will matter most in 2019.

1. Rebuilding trust in social media platforms

Consumer trust should be what the brands will have to build. They need to focus on ways that can help in authentic connection with the audience and highlight their humanity. The connection of the brands with the audiences should be on a meaningful level.

2. Social media is about storytelling

The popularity of social media is based on the sharing of our life experiences with friends and families. Brands will have to share their own human stories, as that will help in inspiring audiences to try out their product. There should be the use of videos, images and graphics in the process of storytelling. There should be more creative thinking from the side of the brands in this matter. This thing should be done with the help of a digital marketing agency in Kolkata.

3. Building a brand narrative

There should be a strategic narrative behind the brand of the businesses. There are the moments and experiences shared between a user and a product in the narratives. The appeal of the narratives should be such that it compels the audience to take action. Then there will be a better chance of success.

4. Quality and creativity over quantity

Many companies usually tend to send a lot of messages to the audience thinking that the audience would get overwhelmed by so many messages. This is totally wrong as quality matters more to the audience. The purpose of sending the messages will only be fulfilled if the messages are creative. The audience will be more influenced if there are well-positioned and creative messages.

5. Put a human face to your brand

Social media should be used to promote personal branding. The key to building trust and loyalty, especially for small, relatively unknown businesses, is putting a real, human face to a brand. If you use personal branding for your business, it will give a human element, the customers can relate themselves more to the brand. As a digital marketing company in Kolkata will inform you, promoting the personal brand of the business owner or a high-level leader is a popular trend in humanizing a business. Guest blogging, podcasts and webinars are ways of doing this. There can be a strong brand reputation if the audience can get to closely know the company’s leader.