As we start the year 2019, it becomes essential to upgrade one’s social media game in order to keep up with the recent shifts and trends. Or you could simply consult a good digital marketing company in Kolkata to help you with it.

1. Review Your Use of Social Media:

At any point, the first step to strengthen our social media strategy is to assess how we are using social media at present. This includes checking the social media sites that we frequently use, evaluating their relevance to our brand’s goals, and so on. It may appear difficult at first, but we need to stop using certain sites! Instead, we must concentrate on those that are working well, and utilize their features as best as possible.

2. Optimize Social Media Networks:

The next step is pretty simple – optimizing our social media profiles and creating an attractive social media bio. It is important to make sure that the profile and header images are updated and clear. Try to include necessary keywords in the descriptions sections, and ensure that the links in the bio are working and relevant.

3. Plan Your Future Goals:

Once you have decided which social networks to keep and which ones to remove, it is time to pen down a few goals. Start by reading your analytics in order to evaluate where you are, and accordingly set goals that you would want to achieve by the end of the year. However, the goals must be realistic and achievable, depending on your present situation. Consult a digital marketing agency in Kolkata to discuss these goals in details.

4. Prepare a Content Schedule:

An important step in formulating an effective social media strategy for your business is preparing a schedule of the core social media. This content schedule will assist you in maintaining consistency, as well as figuring out the likes and dislikes of the audience. It will also make sure that you don’t have to stress over what content to post.

5. Don’t Forget Video Content:

Any good digital marketing agency in Kolkata will suggest that you include more video contents in your social media strategy for this year. 2019 is likely to witness a strong focus on videos, specifically IGTV and Instagram stories. This is because Instagram Stories are easy to view due to their short length and placing on the homepage.