The designs that appear great are exclusively based on minute details that may cause havoc issues for beginners. Inability to follow the rules may lead to a complete devastation of the pages. It will bring about unprofessionalism and can cost conversions too.  Such confusion can be avoided by deployment of hacks that work effectively in improving the quality of designing.

Digital Marketing Agencies in Kolkata has arrived with some tips for a starter web designer. These can be enumerated as under:

  • Keep line height at 1.6:

Element of design revolves around typography. Keeping it right is hard too. The designer is advised to apply a line height of 1.6 to all body text.

  • Use of dual fonts:

Picking fonts and combining them is a hard task. So the designers are advised to pick one font for body text and another for headlines.

  • Narrow columns:

After reaching to the end level of a column, it makes a hard task to find the beginning of next line and the same thing happens for most of the write-ups. It is advisable that the lines are limited to 58 characters in order to make them more scannable.

  • Use of dual colors:

All the fresher designers are advised to pick only two colors while in work. Each color will have a separate task. For example, blue may be opted for branding elements while yellow or orange can be selected to highlight all call to actions.

  • Artistic stealing:

A navigation used in any website can freely be used in another. It is found in real life too. Most of the reputed companies providing Digital Marketing Services use similar patterns that enable easy use of the interfaces. Such an affair will teach the starter designer to consider adaptation with an existing design and to customize accordingly.

  • Add lines:

When the designs are accumulated with heavy use of typography, adding lines helps growth of a visually separate content. This can better be illustrated with examples of news print. These prints follow similar procedure in grouping contents.

  • Sequencing of elements:

Being in line with designing sequences could be a hard task for a starter designer. The person is advised to list all the elements and order by importance. Setting the design in parity with that list makes things easy to handle.

  • Styles are used repetitively:

Once the style in one page or screen is approved, the designer is required to follow the same style through pages.

  • Addition of white space:

Leaving more spaces around elements will leave the website with an accomplished impression. These spaces are important graphical tool that enhances the look of a site.

  • Assembling of similar stuffs:

Elements with identical theme and importance are accumulated in the same places within a layout. Such compilations are separated by using background color.

  • Use of background Photo:

Small mistakes in design can be kept away from being noticed by inserting a large background photo. Such additions are made out of intuition.

  • Consistency:

Staying consistent throughout the statements made is an imperative requirement for a website, especially when a brand name is built or promoted.

  • Role of an Icon:

Icons largely contribute when a quick illustration is sought. These can also be utilized to create logos. Icons play role in adding a touchy feeling to the information designing.

  • Creating blueprint is a must:

Any starter web designer is advised to plan the entire thing before going for it. Pondering over the aspect is mandatory before diving into Photoshop. Rapid brainstorming is favored by brainstorming.

  • Using simple Grid:

Grids that have 12 columns will be bit complicated for a starter. Thus, SEO services in Kolkata advise them to simplify the concept. The entire layout can be split into 3-4 columns. These elements are needed to be aligned to the uniform vertical and horizontal lines.