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Most digital work becomes very much easier because of Software as a Service (SaaS) tools. Without spending much a lot can be achieved. In the web design field, SaaS has been a boon. SaaS has been adopted by a lot of web designers across the whole country and that has brought a revolution in their field. The following are some of the best SaaS tools for web design companies:
1. Google Analytics
The importance of studying, tracking and working on their web analytics in order to know what works best with the customers is understood by every web designer. Nothing can be better than Google Analytics when it comes to web analytics. Google Analytics tracking code is free, easy to setup and ultimately very reliable and therefore it is used in every website. You can enjoy 100 different web properties and flawlessly detailed reports on various important metrics after creating an account. Because of this, among website development companies, it is the most useful and popular tool. You know that you will get the very best as the Google brand name is associated with it.
2. HootSuite
It is important for every single brand to have accounts in various social media platforms for promotion, advertisement and even visibility as social media is playing a major role nowadays. You can manage all of your social accounts from one dashboard with a tool like HootSuite. A digital marketing company can automate many daily tasks by adding all social media accounts in HootSuite. Many things can be automated or scheduled like tweets, facebook updates and pinterest posts. For tracking a brand’s mentions online, HootSuite also offers engagement tools. In this way, you can see what everyone is saying about your website by logging into one dashboard.

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3. InVision
Thanks to InVision for making online prototyping a lot easier. Due to its excellent and easy to use online prototyping services, it has gained a lot of praise. For team-based prototyping and file sharing with a SaaS product, it is currently one of the largest brands. If you work alone, this may not be as useful as collaboration is the key to InVision. However, InVision is absolutely necessary for you if you look for an excellent tool that offers complete prototyping service, without even having to hack your way to Photoshop. You can easily design wire-frames and also connect them to a larger prototype for projects of all sizes, whether web or mobile, by InVision that has a lot of powerful features. By sharing the results with your clients you can easily check parameters like website architecture, content flow, individual page design, UI/UX design strategy, etc.
4. Cloudflare
In order to host the static assets, which help in drastically increasing load times, it is extremely important for any website to have a content delivery network, popularly abbreviated as CDN. As Cloud-flare offers a massive global network, it is the best tool available in the market for this purpose. You can try their CDN service. From your CDN nodes right from your dashboard, it gives you full access to analytics. There are some of the incredibly cool and useful tools for webmasters in it. There are plenty of plans for anyone to test if you are willing to upgrade and try more features.
5. SEMrush
There are various client optional features like SEO optimization as well as keyword opportunities in it and for this reason, it is invaluable. To find untapped keywords that are necessary for your own site or blog, you can use a feature offered by this program. It offers enormous help with all of your web projects as it is a very powerful tool packed with a lot of great features. Everything you need for any web designing project is offered by it. SEMrush is your one step for everything, right from the creation of a flawless and optimized website design to ensure a steady flow of traffic to your client’s site. It is also the perfect tool even for a beginner in web designing as it is very easy to learn or work with.
There are many other SaaS tools available for web design companies. You have to choose the one which is suitable for your needs.