Social media automation is facing a great blow as several brands are abusing it to spam and increase their followings through unethical means. However, if utilized correctly, social media automation will allow marketers to work more effectively, by removing tedious tasks from their plates. This leaves them with enough time to manually connect with their followers.

As marketing automation expands, its exploitation also remains unchecked. In order to curb the growth of automated spam, social media networks are constantly updating their policies. Consulting a good Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata will keep you updated on the new rules.

  1. Twitter

According to a research, Twitter is used by 326 million people worldwide. On account of this huge number, it is crucial to keep Twitter safe and clean from spam. With this intention, it just introduced several new rules for controlling spam and automation activities to remove fake profiles, bots and other unethical activities.

The latest changes include restrictions or limitations on:

  • Recycling tweets
  • Duplicate content
  • Bulk actions (liking, following or retweeting)
  1. Instagram

According to Instagram’s personal statistics, 80% of their users have been found to follow a business on the social media site. Last year, Instagram modified its API through which posting and scheduling to business pages via third-party devices were enabled in order to assist the businesses in handling their pages more efficiently. Avail Digital Marketing Services in Kolkata in order to understand these changes clearly.

Although these changes meant good news for brands, a set of new limitations on the use of third-party tools for automating comment and follow/unfollow actions were introduced by Instagram. Apart from this, if a brand uses third-party tools for the purpose of gaining likes and comments, with an aim of generating fake follows, then Instagram will issue a warning whereby they could lose their accounts unless their passwords are reset.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is known to modify its policies frequently in order to prevent the spread of false information on its platform. These are mostly spread by fake accounts and Facebook claims to have removed almost 1.5 billion fake accounts in 2018. They had also announced disabling the use of third-party tools for posting or scheduling materials directly to personal profile automatically. Digital Marketing Agencies in Kolkata are well versed with these rules and can help you to maintain them.