Affiliate marketing and native advertising are two of the most effective digital marketing strategies in Kolkata available to companies today. So why not combine the best of both worlds and use them? But first, let’s define the two terms separately.

Affiliate marketing is the method of making money by advertising the goods of other people (or companies). You find a product you like, recommend it to others, and get a cut of the profits from each sale. Paid advertisements that fit the look, sound, and purpose of the media medium in which they appear are referred to as native advertising. Native advertisements are often used in social media feeds or as suggested content on websites.

Consider it for a moment. It’s all about traffic in affiliate marketing. It’s all about reaching out to pre-existing audiences in niche groups, entice them to click, and provide high-quality material. Native advertising is similar to traditional affiliate promotional methods, but it goes even further by providing more customised, visually engaging content that fits the surrounding context.

Here are some examples of how native ads can aid affiliate marketing.

  1. Increase your website’s traffic

Traditional display ads have an 8.8x lower clickthrough rate (CTR) than native advertisements. That’s because it’s designed to complement the shape and purpose of the content it’s surrounded by.

It has no negative impact on the user’s experience. It blends right in, giving readers more detail tailored to their preferences, say the professionals of a digital marketing agency in Kolkata.

  1. Identify specific audience segments to target

Affiliate marketing can be used in a variety of industries, including real estate, banking, and dating. Native ads, when conducted programmatically, can also help advertisers hit target consumer segments at scale. It also pays off:

According to the digital marketers of Digital Googly, customers are only interested in advertisements that are tailored to their own preferences, according to 72% of customers.

  1. Promote Quality Content

Affiliate marketing is usually associated with embedded links or Buy Now buttons in posts. In contrast, native advertising takes a more in-depth approach. It entices people to learn more about your brand by providing informative or entertaining content, such as a post, video, or landing page.

  1. Get People Involved at the Appropriate Time

When people’s attention spans shrink, it’s more important than ever for marketers to reach out to customers at the right time. Native advertisement, on the other hand, helps brands to meet readers in the “moment of next.” When they’ve finished reading an article and are eager to move on to something different, whether it’s another article or a video, now is the time.

  1. Extend your reach by working with premium publishers

There are several affiliate networks from which to choose. They can help you scale your efforts, but they can’t always guarantee the best placements or publisher relationships.

Digital marketers in Kolkata may also handpick their placements or partner with native advertising platforms that have formed partnerships with premium publishers with native advertising.


As per the best digital marketing company in Kolkata, native ads and affiliate marketing aren’t mutually exclusive. They are effective tools for increasing interaction and generating revenue when used together. Advertisers should look for new ways to diversify their ad operations and target built-in audiences with personalised content, particularly now that publishers are seeing increased traffic.