A high level of precision is required in android app development, which is a tedious task. However, any skilled android app developer can make some common mistakes. Those common mistakes are being discussed here. By learning about these mistakes, you can avoid them and as a result, you can improve your skills as an android app developer. This will help you to provide better android apps to your clients.

1. Making the clone app

It may seem that simply copying the source code from an IOS app and then using it in an android app is an easy idea. Some may also think that related to app design and functions, it will solve multiple problems. But the fact is that it will not solve the problem. The problem will simply increase and you may be sacked from a mobile app development company. You must remember that there are unique features and capabilities of both IOS and android. You can reuse a design element but not copy it entirely. You must not design the android app like an IOS app if you want to ensure a better user experience. In the functioning of an app, a huge difference is created due to many technicalities. Therefore, to ensure unique and efficient android app design, keep your design strategies aligned and do not clone IOS design.

2. Not checking the compatibility of the app with the devices

Idealizing a single device and then developing the app according to that is the second common mistake an android developer always make. It is not the right thing to do. Your app will function on a variety of devices. To ensure that the audience of the app will face no problem in viewing the layout, make the mobile app responsive. You can revamp your mobile application for all android devices with the help of the android application development guidelines. In configuring specific static files the dynamic app framework of android will help you so that they can load on the basis of the current device configuration.

3. Not using fragments

In the response of certain activity, fragments here are in the context of the behavior of the user interface. Say for example, when the app user touches a button, it changes colour or when the app user touches the button, it gives a transition effect of pressing. You will lose the interest of the user if you miss these types of fragments. By replacing pages with fragments you can make your android app more interactive. The user finds your app more attractive and direct when you showcase fragments in place of an entire image. This will also help you to earn fame in the mobile app development company you work for.

4. Re-discovering the never-ending android wheel

To accomplish everything, many developers try to reinvent the wheel. But, it will be a foolish act to discover a wheel which was discovered thousands of years ago. Most of the time it will render your mobile app to be inefficient if you recreate many design elements.