In the present days, the mobile app development industry is ruled by the Android mobile operating system with more than 60% of the total market share. The businesses can extend their online reach through an engaging experience with the help of Android app development that is a low-cost solution. With hundreds of mobile devices, it is compatible and it can easily target a large number of Android users present worldwide. The power of Android app is used by the majority of businesses to reach out to this large audience base and increase their online visibility. However, a tough completion is faced by them and the survival and success of their app in the highly competitive world have also to be ensured by them. In dealing with this they can take the help of any mobile app development company. Here we are giving 5 simple tips to make your Android app successful.

  1. Go for A Free Or Freemium Version

Things that come free are loved by everyone. It can demoralize users if you ask money for downloading your app.  There are various other means like in-app purchases, advertisements, etc. by which you can monetize your android app. It is a better decision to keep your android app free of cost unless the app is inevitable for the target audience. The download and user statistics of free android apps are much more than that of premium apps. To get the user addicted to your app, you can offer a 30-day trial version if you want to earn money from your app. The odds of users downloading the app are also increased by the freemium version of apps and this also contributes to its success. A web development services company that also deals in mobile apps can help you in building your android app.

  1. Promote The App On Social Media Channels

There is a decent increase in the number of social media users in 2018. A promising opportunity would go out of the hands of android app developers if they are not promoting their apps on a platform that has more than 3 billion users. It can be a great way to make your app successful if you promote the app on social media platforms. To make your app successful you can take help of the social media tricks to promote your mobile app. Any company that does social media marketing can assist you in this matter.

  1. Roll-Out Upgrades With New Features

Upgrades for any glitches or newer features are liked by almost everybody. It is essential that you keep rolling out new updates for your app to make the android app successful. The users remain engaged if there are newer upgrades and this also helps in boosting their trust. The visibility of the app increases on the app store if you add innovative features to the app and the enthusiasm of the users also remains on the peak as a result of this. You must make it sure that your app does not become stagnant because if that happens, users will ultimately lose interest in your topic. If you give this responsibility to any website development company that also makes mobile apps, you need not worry about this.

  1. Incorporate Virality Within

Compared to apps that do not have any viral component, Android apps that have some built-in virality in their core functionality are way more successful. The users are encouraged by apps like Instagram, Facebook, etc. to invite others to the platform to share their posts and images and that’s why they have become so successful. These apps become a success as they attract a network of new users. Your app should have some built-in virality that encourages the user to invite their friends to make it successful. This can be successfully done by a top digital marketing company.

  1. Track & Measure The Results

An android app’s success does not solely depend on the launch success. A tab on the metrics regarding the user behaviour and their response towards the app should be kept by the android app developers. For an app’s success, knowing what the users want from your Android app, what type of actions drive more clicks and which sources bring in the highest users is indispensable. What’s happening inside the app should be tracked by you and the results should also be measured by you. This is necessary to know what’s working for your online presence and the updates needed by your app.