‘It’s finger licking’ good’

‘Because you’re worth it’

“Ideas for life”

“India’s largest online fashion store”

We know you have already figured out the company names behind at least one of the taglines.

Doesn’t a great tagline make your business more memorable? It results in more revenue and helps to keep customers. But how can you make a cutting-edge tagline for your start-up or medium-sized company? If you are running a small business, you can’t get away with a grand claim like ‘America runs on Dunkin’ (Dunking Donuts).

Yet, it is possible to make a catchy tagline for your specific niche of services.  A catchy slogan always sticks in your viewers’ minds.

How To Create A Tagline?

Why not hire a digital marketing agency for all the hard work? Creating taglines is a creative process. When a digital marketer working on your branding strategies and online reach, who can understand your company values better?

For instance, if you are running a coffee shop, your values will be-

  • Being sustainable
  • Being friendly
  • Creating a welcoming and friendly environment for customers.

Describe Your Brand’s Strength

Why would customers choose your business over your competitors?

Again, for a coffee shop, your strengths should be-

  • Quality of coffee
  • Sustainability of the coffee
  • Serving decoration and serving style (try to offer something unique)
  • Interior of the café
  • Special combos or offers that you bring on board

No matter what services you provide focus on what makes you stand out in the crowd.

Keep It Simple And Crisp

What else can we learn from all those examples given above?  Don’t let your creativity make your company tagline vague. Creativity should incorporate the relevant parts of your business identity. Simple yet creative doesn’t always equal short. Clarity comes to the first place when you don’t want fluff in your tagline. Hire a digital marketing company that understands the real catch.

Bring It All Together And Trim To One Line:

If you want to describe how you see your strengths and values through your tagline. Write it down in a paragraph. Leave the stress of removing the excess and coming up with the masterpiece on your social media marketing company in Kolkata.

A tagline is a few words, if chosen, will stick with your brand for a very long time. Consider hiring a professional copywriter who is experienced in dealing with such projects.