For advertisers and businesses not only in India but the world over, Linkedin is a very effective platform. There are about 47 million Linkedin users in India alone. It is unfair to compare its popularity as an advertising base with Facebook and Twitter, as the content quality and target audiences vary immensely. You can use Linkedin for business growth in many ways. Linkedin takes a very important part in social media marketing. The following are some of them:

  1. Partnerships:

    The immense opportunities for partnerships with people in your own country or abroad are one of the best things about Linkedin. You can reach out not only to the CEOs and top management but also to other team members to learn more about the organization’s culture and its vision and this is the great thing about this platform. For organic marketing, Linkedin is extremely effective as to organic reach, there is no limitation. The best digital marketing company can effectively utilize this aspect of Linkedin.

  2. Lead Generation:

    You are always looking for new ways as a business to market your service or products. A huge market which is untapped as well as unaware of your existence is provided by Linkedin. You can narrow down results and find exactly you are seeking with the help of Search features and Sales Navigator offered in Linkedin.

  3. Sales Navigator:

    The Sales Navigator is created for the sales professionals and is the perfect tool to get an edge over your competitors with regard to lead generation. You can import all your Linkedin contacts easily with the help of it and sync them to your SalesForce tools or apps. You can get the functionality of the lead builder tool from it and you can use it to filter the leads. You can create or save 22 search filters to facilitate easier search in the filter. Based on niche, location, department, etc., it helps refine your search. To get information about a new lead instantly, you can also take the help of Linkedin email. If your Linkedin Business page is followed by any business or individual, they will be highlighted. You can reach out to them, which are high-quality business leads, with a business proposition. As you will be updated about posts with regards to your business, you can generate higher engagement. The perfect point to start a conversation and engage a wider audience is culminated in by it. You can get the option of saving the lead and/or assigning to the right person or team with the required from the Navigator. With the tool, you can monitor as well as manage your lead generation. All these services are also provided by a top digital marketing company.

  4. Social Media:

    Linkedin also functions as a social media site besides being a tool for businesses. You can add a human touch and emotional triggers to your posts. It has been seen that the lead generation on Linkedin is 277% more than that of Facebook.

  5. Clients:

    To find individuals and services for your business, Linkedin is a great tool for you. In finding you, it also helps your potential clients and customers a lot. For clients to find their way to your business if it is listed on Linkedin, the search engine is a channel. People can also look more into your business and whatever you have to offer through it, especially if you are connected to other individuals and businesses on the website. If you want to gain an advantage from this, hire the best digital marketing agency.

In conclusion, we can say that both in regards to growth and lead generation, Linkedin is a powerful tool for businesses. In finding the ideal and perfect partnerships with other businesses, the website acts a way for your business. For connecting with professionals, decision-makers, and disruptors who can help your business grow in the direction you want, it also acts a social media platform.