In order to strengthen the comparative hold in the market, companies need to adopt various strategies. One of the most popular strategies adopted by companies today is linking the business of their clients with one or all of the social media available. Platforms for social media constitute base of Digital Marketing. Proper use of these platforms has been able to enhance the brand position of the company through creation of better engagement rate.

Thus, it is observed that ideal Digital Marketing Agencies are putting more stress on choosing and focusing on major social media platforms. Choosing an appropriate option is dependent on the brand values of clients, offerings in business and target audience.

Comparison of social media platforms viability for Business Marketing

Facebook has inclination towards receiving of updates. They encourage their users to share fun elements. On the other hand, Twitter puts more stress on sharing serious matter like news. Instagram, another popular social media, has keenness over pictures.

While tallying potential for comparing Twitter and Snapchat, experts from Online Marketing Agencies found that snap normally last for a few hours only. On the other hand, tweet lasts forever; yet, its age collapses as soon as a tweet is replaced by another. Instagram users are required to share photos on their wall and clients of Snapchat send videos and pictures for promotion. In today’s life, more impetus is given to photos and videos. Therefore, twitter promotions lack in receiving acceptance as these are more based on texts and hashtags.

Face-book encourages postings belonging to any category while Snapchat stays on personal chats among friends.

Instagram in Business Marketing:

The Digital Marketing Services utilize photo and video sharing feature of Instagram for business marketing. Average engagement rate of top brand instagram post counts around 4.21 percentile point. This percentage rate is 58 times higher than Facebook and 120 times of Twitter.

Effectiveness of Face-book as a medium of Business Marketing:

Facebook has been considered universally as the most popular social media platform.  If the matters posted are capable to add value to community, then it would be best in delivering potential for Business Marketing. It has been estimated that around 70 percent of posts should have the capability to cater business tips, recent events, survey questions and important local news.

Sharing of fun elements and important updates by the professional SEO services can help Facebook in enhancing company’s exposure with the current and budding followers. Studies have observed that maximum clicks and shares are credited with the posts done between 1 and 4 p.m.

Utility of Twitter in Business Marketing:

A business can promote its product or services via Twitter with a mere small tweet. And, moreover, no expense is involved in the process. However, businesses can definitely incur an expense on hiring a SEO expert for managing the social media account and Twitter marketing.

Benefits of Snapchat as a medium of Business Marketing:

Snapchat is one of the newly evolved Social Media whose growth is faster than the others. This tool has proven its competence in forming global marketing strategies. Experts in Social Media Marketing services have also started to catapult this resource in guiding the business of their clients in the right path.